Monday, May 21, 2018

I Love My Job

It is so much fun talking with peoples who love their pets so much that they want to get them a special gift. Then we have more fun when we actually put together all the bestest toys and treats that make up the bestest pet gift baskets in the universe.

All of our friends love pets and lots and lots of them work in jobs that involve pets. We have friends who are dog trainers and pet sitters. Other friends who have day care places for pets and even a friend who can communicate with pets and tell their peoples what the pets think or feel.

There are lots and lots of businesses that work with pets. For people who like to bake, a bakery that makes cookies and cakes for pets is a good business.

For people who like to sew, a business as a pet clothing designer would be fun. They could make coats and dresses. They could have more fun making all kinds of Halloween costumes for pets.

DixieLee and I don’t like to dress up but we LOVE wearing different bandanas. We’ve worn handmade collars and leashes that are super pretty.

People who know how to sew also can make toys. One of our favorite toys to put in our gift baskets is a bone made from denim that a lady friend makes.

So many peoples are busy these days that they don’t have time as much time as they would like with their dogs so they hire other peoples to take them for walks. Other peoples who are busy, busy hire peoples to clean up the poop in their yards. Not as glamorous as pet gift basket designer but we understand the money can be pretty good if you live in certain areas.

Peoples who have artistic talents paint pet portraits or are pet photographers. Mom says she admires people who can get a dog to sit cute when they are having their picture taken.

The last time she tried to get a photo of me when I was doing something cute, I jumped off of the couch and all she got was a white blur. I couldn’t help it, that awful commercial with the smoke detector going off came on the TV. Don’t ad peoples know that sound is bad for dogs’ ears?

Most of the jobs we know about are for dogs and cats but one other unusual pet business we know about is tank designer. Big fish tanks are nice in an office lobby and there are peoples whose job it is to make sure the fishes stay healthy and the tank is clean and pretty all the time.
I bet there are lots more businesses where peoples get to work with pets all day. If you work in one, let me know.

Now I have to get ready to order some more dog treats. Didn’t I tell you I have the bestest job!?



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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

'Tis The Season

We love the warm weather, We love the birds and the flowers. But there are things about warm weather we don’t like.

Fleas, Ticks and Mosquitoes!

We hate having to get medicines put on our skin to keep the bugs off and even when we do wear that stuff, some fleas or ticks or mosquitoes can still get on us. It wouldn’t be so bad except that fleas, ticks and mosquitoes carry littler buggies that can make us sick or even died.

We just read that ticks carry over a dozen different diseases and mosquitoes carry the bug that gives us heartworm.

Our humans could spray our yard with poison to kill the them but the spray is not good for us either. At our house we use plants to keep the bugs away and they seem to work pretty good.

There are many plants that keep fleas and ticks and mosquitoes away and MANY of them are okay around pets. There are some that keep bugs away that should NOT be planted where pets can get at them.

To keep fleas and ticks away from our yard we plant:

Lavender, Marigolds, Cat Nip, Sage, Rosemary and Lemongrass. Chrysanthemums, Chamomile and Citronella are good for keeping fleas and ticks away too but they can be toxic to pets.

I tried Catnip once. I don’t see why some cats like it so much.

Garlic and Eucalyptus are also good for keeping ticks away but they too can be toxic to pets.

Lavender, Catnip, and Rosemary are also good mosquito repellents.

Even though some of these plants are safe for pets, Mom doesn’t want to take any chances. We have big planters that she fills with these good plants and keeps them on the other side of our fence so we can’t eat them or rub them on our fur.

Looks like it's about time to take a tour around the yard to make sure everything is good and the lady in the little truck didn't steal our mail again.



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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Puggle or Pomsky

Mom was filling out some papers for me and one of the spaces needed to say what breed I am. Like we always do, she said I am a Lab Mix. When we have to fill in the spaces saying what DixieLee’s breed is, we say that she is a Hound Mix.

Mom said in the older days when she was young, they called dogs that were not pure breeds, “Mutts”. She says that all the dogs she has had were Mutts and that they are one of the bestest breeds.

There are still lots of dogs that are “Mixes” (which peoples think is a nicer name than Mutts). Mixes means that their moms and dads are not the same breed. Mixes are so good that some breeders are combining two pure breeds on purpose to create a whole new breed. These newer breeds are sometimes called “Designer Dogs”.

Lots of peoples like these new breeds because they say that the breeds combine the best characteristics of each breed which is a good thing because if dogs are too interbred, they can have bad health problems. Cross breeding hopes to make the good characteristics happen while making the bad characteristics go away.

There are rules about how to be a real Designer Dog. An established kennel club has to look at the ancestry of the dog to see its history and pedigree. There has to be three generations before a new breed can even be considered. If the kennel club says it’s okay then the club registers it and it becomes an accepted “breed”.

I think the bestest thing about Designer Dogs is they have fun names. Here are some of my favorites.

Labradoodle is a Standard Poodle and Labrador Retriever. These dogs are really smart and athletic.

Cockapoo is a Poodle and Cocker Spaniel and is one of the first Designer Dogs.

Peke-a-poo is a small Poodle and Pekingese. This combination gives puppies longer noses so they have fewer respiratory problems.

I’m not sure which I like best, I like Puggles, which are a cross between a Beagle and Pug. Puggle is a great name and Puggles, like Peke-a-poo, they have less breathing issues than Pugs.

I also think Pomsky is a great name. A Pomsky is a cross between a Pomeranian and a Husky. All puppies are cute but I think a Pomsky puppy is the cutest of all the cute.

Anyway, if your humans are thinking of getting another dog to live with you, you might like a Designer Dog or a Mix as your new brother or sister. It’s something to think about.

Right now, I think I will think about getting a snack. Writing a blog is hard work you know.


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Friday, May 4, 2018

I Am Dog, Hear Me Bark

I’ve been reading about how dogs communicate. Human use their voices to talk to each other and to us dogs and we get pretty good at understanding what they say. Dogs understand about 100 words.

Although we dogs use our voices too, we mostly use body language. We use out tails, ears, eyes and faces more.

How we hold our tails or ears mean important things. Like, if a dog’s ears are raised he could be relaxed or listening.

And not all tail wags mean the same thing. If we wag more to the right, it might mean something positive while if we wag more to the left, it could mean negative feelings.

That’s complicated even for me.

Let me tell you how I communicate with my Mom and Dad.

If I am sitting in front of the cookie jar or lick my lips, it means I want a cookie. I taught DixieLee how to lick her lips when she wants a cookie too. 

It is very effective when I stare and Mom says “What?” and we both lick our lips. There is little room for misunderstanding at that point.

If I am staring at you when you are eating, it means I want you to share your food.

If I am sitting in front of the cabinet where we keep the dog food or look at the clock, it means it’s dinner time.

If I am sitting in front of the door, it means I want to go out.

If I am looking at the leash hanging on the hook, it means that I want to go for a walk.

It I throw the ball at you, it means I want to play.

See how easy that is.

I have to admit it can get slightly more complicated when I bark. 

My barks mostly mean “DANGER, DANGER, DANGER” but Mom or Dad have different ideas about our how dangerous things are.

They don’t think the mail person stealing our mail, or a squirrel eating bird seed is as dangerous as I do.

DixieLee barks way more than I do. 

She barks when she wants to go outside. She also barks when she want to go for a walk or wants to play.

You can tell the barks are different because she is usually standing by the door when she barks to go outside or she has a toy picked out from the toy chest when she wants to play.

I bet you have ways that you communicate with your humans that are easy to understand to. Let us know what they are. They may be easier than how we are communicating and we all want communication to be easily understood.

Right now I am smiling (see photo) because I am done with my work for today and can nap.



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Monday, April 23, 2018

Don't Be A Dope

Mom keeps the television on for us all day to keep us entertained. We watch lots of news. Stories about making it okay for peoples to have marijuana seems to be getting lots of attention as more and more places say it is okay.

There are stories about making it okay for people who are sick to use marijuana and other stories about recreational use.

We understand that marijuana is good for helping peoples who have nerve pain or bad diseases like cancer. We were wondering what would happen if a dog got curious and ate some of their human’s marijuana or if they smelled some when their human was smoking it.

Like most questions, the answer is, it depends. The size of the dog and how much they ate or smelled is important. A dog that got some marijuana COULD be in real trouble. Marijuana could lower their heart rate and blood pressure and could make them go into a coma or have seizures.

Veterinarians know how to treat dogs for marijuana that eat too much and get poisoned.

Dogs can get high too. Getting high can be a very scary experience because they wouldn’t know what was happening to them. They might stumble around and be scared by sudden noises.

If the marijuana they eat is baked into a yummy treat it can be really bad. Dogs love to eat so they may eat way too much and if it has chocolate baked in, it is really, really bad. We all know that chocolate is poison to dogs all by itself.

Can medical marijuana be good for dogs? Doctors and scientists are checking into it. Medical marijuana would be really helpful for dogs who get cancer but since dogs react differently than humans, there needs to be more checking about how much would be safe.

This subject is way too much for my brain to figure right now and besides,  North Woods Law New Hampshire is coming on the television. It’s one of our favorite programs. They show how Animal Police help humans and undomesticated animals live together better.

If I can get Mom to give us a cookie, we’ll be all set.

Stay healthy,


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Friday, April 13, 2018

A Real Bargain

Some peoples think that they should be able to go to a shelter and get a good dog for free. After all, shelters are full and there are so many homeless animal, they think that the shelters would want to give pets away.

Different shelters in different parts of the country charge different money. Sometimes special needs or senior dogs cost less because they have a harder time getting adopted. Puppies usually cost most because everyone thinks puppies are better to have. I don’t think that is always true. For example, senior dogs are a good match for senior peoples.

There are lots of reasons shelters need to charge money to adopt a pet.

1. The shelter is a home and everyone knows that it costs money to live in a home. The shelters have to pay bills like regular peoples.

2. Even though lots of shelters have volunteers who feed and walk the dogs, some body has to be the boss. Bosses and other employees who take care of the day to day operations need to be paid. These are the people who make sure the animals are taken care of properly and that they get adopted to good homes.

3. Pets need to eat and food costs money. Some pets need special food which costs more.

4. And don’t forget toys! Pets need toys and beds and dishes and leashes and collars and stuff, just like dogs who live in houses.

5. One of the most important thing for an owner to do is to keep their pets healthy and shelters have to do that too. All of the pets need to have shots and be checked to make sure they don’t have heartworm or ticks or mites or any other buggies. They should also be tested for stuff like lyme disease and other diseases.

If a pet has heartworm, or lyme or something bad, then they need to have medicine until they are better. All of that costs money,

6. Some pets enter the shelter in really bad shape. They have been mistreated so bad that they need medical treatment to get better. They may need things like x-rays or antibiotics or other medical things to help them heal.

7. Most shelters make sure that pets are spayed or neutered. More puppies or kittens would only mean more need for shelters. Although many shelters have vets who give reduced rates, surgery and medicines are still expensive.

8. And most shelters microchip all pets before they get adopted. They know how easy it is for a pet to get lost and end up in another shelter.

So, when you pay to get a pet from a shelter, you are giving that shelter money so that it can take in another animal and give it good care until someone comes along to adopt them.

For all the love and affection that shelter pets give, I think you are getting a real bargain.



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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

You Are What You Eat

If you follow our Paw Pals Boutique Facebook page you know that we re-post articles about recalls and other important information about pet food.

I was really upset when I read the one about dog food companies that use dyes to make kibble look better to humans and smell better to dogs. They think that kibble is boring looking to humans so they add colors to make it prettier.

I like pretty colors. We use pretty colored ribbons to make our gift baskets look extra special but I don’t think dying kibbles green and orange to make them seem like peas and carrots is a good thing to do. Science people say that Red 40, Yellow 5 and Blue 2 are dyes that cause cancer. That is BAD.

And where is the meat? Dogs like meat and meat is actually good for dogs. Lots of dog food today is “plant based” or made with “meat by products”. Plant based means stuff like corn and meat by products could dead zoo animals, hooves or other not so good stuff. That’s cheating!

Mom is a label reader. She reads labels on packages. She does it to make sure that the food she buys for our house, for the peoples and for the dogs, has lots of good, nutritious things in them, AND, just as important, does not have any bad things, like dyes in them.

Peoples who sell pet food want to sell more so they try to make their food look better than other kinds you can buy. They use words like “gourmet’ and “natural” which are just words and don’t mean that the food is so special.

One word you can look for is AAFCO. That is actually a bunch of words which are Association of American Feed Control Officials. They have “official” in their name but they are not government peoples. They look at how the food is made and say if it meets basic nutritional requirements. Check your food to see if it says AAFCO.

Keeping our food fresh is also important. We buy a big bag of food that DixieLee and I share and a small bag of food just for me. Mom says I gain weight when I eat too much regular food so I have half of my food be a “weight control” kind. We eat up a bag pretty quick but if you don’t, you should make sure the bag is sealed up tight so your food doesn’t get stale.

All this talk about food is making me hungry. I know Dad is going to tell me I have a big minute until supper but you never know….

Bone appetite,


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