Thursday, February 9, 2012

Best In Show

Hi Everyone,
Are you ready for the greatest sporting event of the year?  No, not the Super Bowl, that's over with, to the disappointment of many New England fans.  It's the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show and it starts on Monday, February 13th.  I've got my favorite cow's knuckle bone and seat on the couch all set.
Established in 1877 the Westminster is America's oldest organization dedicated to the sport of purebred dogs and it is the second longest continuously held sporting event in the United States, the longest running being the Kentucky Derby.
Although the whole show is amazing to watch, I am most interested in the Sporting Group and the Herding Group competitions since I am part Labrador Retriever and part Border Collie. Like lots of people I am  interested in learning more about my ancestry.
Did you know that the Labrador has a "kind" expression and an outgoing temperament?  We are great assistance and therapy dogs as well as search and rescue dogs.  Labs are one of most popular breeds.
Border Collies are great at herding because of the our intensity, energy and agility.  Border Collies rock in obedience and agility competitions.  We love to please but can get into lots of trouble when we get bored. So if you have a Border Collie they need lots of chew toys.  If you don't know what kind or where to get them, ask me and I can tell you.
Being a Lab and Border Collie mix I think I would be an awesome therapy dog.  Mom is going to let me go to therapy dog school but she says we are going to wait a couple of months.  She says we need to get some more basic training down first.  I get too distracted and excited and forget to listen.
The winners in the Westminster show get silver trophies. I guess trophies are nice but I think most dogs would rather get something like my Best In Show! gift basket.
Do you have a favorite group that you like to watch?  Let me know and I'll make sure I tune in to watch.
Good Luck to all of the competitors! You're all champions!
Your Friend,


  1. We love the Westminster show!

    RA, Isis & Nanuk

    1. Isn't it exciting? Boy, those dogs must have to work really hard all year long to get ready for the show.