Friday, June 15, 2012

Hazardous Waste Material

I love going for walks on the Manhan Rail Trail with my Mom. The Rail Trail is a beautiful paved trail near our house where people ride their bikes, roller blade or just walk with their dogs. Walking the trail is so much fun. You get to meet lots of people and dogs and there are so many interesting smells. Like I said, dogs get to walk on the trail and some days there are lots of marking to explore.
Mom doesn't mind too much when I sniff a post or tree but when I get too close to a pile of poop she reminds me with a gentle tug on my lease to keep walking. I guess in the human world dog poop is something bad.
Mom read that, according to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) dog poop is a dangerous pollutant like toxic chemicals. If it gets into drinking water or even if humans get some on their feet when walking barefoot, it can make them sick. Really sick. They could get tummy hurts like cramps or diarrhea or really bad things like blindness, kidney disorders, intestinal illnesses. Lung, brain, liver or heart disease could happen because of some of the things that are in dog poop.
Dog poop can have worms like ringworms, whipworms and tapeworms and evil viruses like Salmonella or E Coli.
Dogs can get sick too. They can get Parvovirus, Distemper or Giardia.
So, it's very important for humans to make sure to clean up after their dogs. Mom keeps a rake and shovel handy so my pen at home is always clear of poop and when we go anywhere her pockets are filled with little poop bags. We even keep an extra box in the glove compartment of our car.
Our company promotes responsible dog ownership so we include a big box of poop bags in many of our dog gift baskets like our Dog Gone It! gift baskets .
So humans, please pick up after your dog so we can all be safe.
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