Thursday, October 18, 2012

Better than Cookies!

I never thought I would think there was anything better than cookies but I would give up half of my cookies (maybe not exactly half) but some of my cookies if I could go to the dog park every day and have as much fun as I had today.

There are so many good things about the dog park that I go to.  First of all, it's seven acres which is really, really big.  We live in a place that my Mom calls "rural".  That means that there are more trees than people so our dog park has room to be really big.  It is so big that there can be lots and lots of dogs at the park but there are so many different trails that you only see one or two dogs at a time.

Another best thing about my dog park is that we get to be off leash.  I only wear my leash when I am going in or out of my car because there are lots of cars near ours.   Some times if Mom sees a dog that is shy, she will put my leash on so the other dog is not scared.  I don't know why anyone would be scared of me, but it happens.

When I do meet a dog that wants to play, most of the time our humans let us play together. Then Mom and I go on our way again until we meet another dog and I get to play with them. Not all dogs get to play but most of them do say hello before they have to run after their humans.

There is a river (not very deep) that runs along the side of the park and there are lots of places where the paths lead to beaches.  We always meet dogs who have been swimming.  May be next summer I'll try swimming but for now, I just like to run in the big fields and along the trails.

Today I met a lot of dogs and got to play with some of them.  Just before we left the park I met a Pitbull mix named Dakin.  He is only one years old and loves to run.  Mom and Dakin's dad talked for a long time so we got to play forever!  Dakin is a rescue dog too.  He got his name because he was born at the Dakin Pioneer Valley Humane Society shelter.  I know where that is because Mom and I collect food and supplies to bring to the shelter all the time.

Mom says as long as the weather is nice, we can go back to the park. I hope we find more time to go again soon.  Any of you who go to the Northampton (Massachusetts) Dog Park at the old State Hospital grounds, let me know and maybe we can have a play date.

Your friend,


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