Sunday, November 4, 2012

Santa Paws' Helper

At Laurel Mountain Basket Co we're designing new gift baskets for the upcoming Holiday Season.  I love this time of year cuz as Product Tester for the Pet Division,I get to find and test all the new toys and treats before we order them for our Holiday gift baskets.

I've already found some sweet new toys in the catalogs that we just have to try.  I've also been searching on line for new and interesting gift ideas.  I found some really exciting things but I think they would blow my budget big time.
Don't know how I would justify ordering any I Love Dogs 52- carat Diamond Dog Collars at $1.8 million or Dog Tiaras at $4.2 million.  I think I would look stunning in the collar and I know my cousin Sophie would love the Tiara.  She likes to dress up fancy.

All the dogs I know like to roll in dead stuff so I don't think Les Pooch V.I.P. Dog Parfum at $3,000 would be a good match for our clientele or the Louis XV Pet Pavilion dog bed at $23,990 either since we like sleeping on our humans' beds.

However, I was impressed with the dog houses I saw.  Our friends at Kanes Krusaders are building houses for dogs who have to live outside but I don't think they are as fancy as the Super Dog House with a plasma T.V. and SPA that costs $410,825.  I also saw Paris Hilton's dogs' houses that have heating and air conditioning and something called a crystal chandelier. Rachel Hunter's dog's house has running water too.

No, we're going to keep making our gift baskets with fun toys and yummy treats and leave the fru fru stuff and bling for another day.

Don't forget when you write your letter to Santa Paws, make sure you let him know which of our gift baskets you want this year.

Your friend,



  1. I am so excited for Christmas!!

  2. We would love to receive a basket for Christmas :-( Its a shame that we live so far away.
    sad wags,
    Bumo and Miu