Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My World Turned Up Side Down!

My Mom is very excited because we are going to get a new house. We really like the house we have now but it is big and has lots of stairs and Mom says we are going to “downsize“. I guess I am excited too, but it is a little scary.
I read somewhere that moving is very stressful for humans, and I can tell you it is very stressful for pets too. It started in the summer when a whole bunch of people came to our house. They brought ladders and paint and climbed all over our house. Then, last month they came back again with their ladders and climbed all over the inside of our house. There we so many of them, I had a hard time keeping track of everyone. By the time they left every day, I was exhausted.

Our furniture got moved around and some of it got taken away. Mom said it is going into a place called storage and we will get it back but it is very confusing for me. She tried not to take too much at a time so I could adjust but I don’t like not having everything where it is supposed to be. Every day I take my toys out of my toy box to make sure they are all there. I am afraid some will go away and I won’t see them again.

Mom and Dad are spending more time with me because they want me to know everything is okay. They are making sure my routine stays the same. I eat at the same times, I go outside to pee at the same times and we play at the same times.

When they went to see our new house, I got to go along and went to see what it was like and what my new yard would be like. One of the first things we are going to do when we go to the new house is put up a nice fence so I can go outside by myself and still be safe.

We will also tell the microchip people that I live in a different place amd we will need to go to the town’s clerk office and get a license with my new address.  I would hate to have Mom or Dad get lost and not be able to tell people where our new house is.

I am going to have to remember where my new outside door is so I don’t have any “accidents” in the house. Mom says she will take me outside lots more than I need to until I get used to it. I hope Mom remembers to take my dinner and water bowls and crate. And all of my toys!!!! and I will have to find new hiding places for my treats. Will there be a Dog Park where I can make friends? Oh my, no wonder I’m stressed!

I guess I am lucky. Our new house is not very far away from our now house. Some pets have to move to places way far away and they have to stop to sleep. I was surprised to learn that lots of hotels in our area allow pets to stay with their humans! That’s a good thing but everybody has to remember how scary it is and be very careful that no one gets separated and lost.

Time to count my toys and make sure they are all still here.  I hope we don't forget and of them or my bowls or crate.  Like I said, I am very excited, but I'm still a little scared.

Your friend,


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  1. Moving can also be fun as well as scary you know! Just think of all the new views out of the new windows and all the wonderful new smells (and the new bad ones)It will be great i'm sure!

    1. I never thougth of new smells... now that's exciting!