Thursday, April 4, 2013

Two Dog House

I said in my last blog that I was getting a sister but I had to wait until she got her heartworms treated and she wasn’t sick anymore.  Well, she got all of her shots and she is now resting so she can come and live with us soon. 
Here is a picture of her.  She is kind of cute, but I am still cuter.

Bringing a new dog into our house is a big deal.  We never met Dixie, that’s what Mom named her, but we are pretty sure she will fit right in.  First of all, I am a very friendly dog.  I haven’t met a dog I didn’t like (except for that one dog at dog park and he started it), anyway, I get along with all the dogs at day care and when other dogs come to my house or I go to their houses, we get along fine. I don’t mind sharing my toys either.  Dixie is living with two other dogs now and she is happy and friendly.  She knew right away that she wasn’t the Big Sister in that house so I’m sure she’ll know that I’m the Big Sister here and we’ll get along fine.

 I’m looking forward to having someone to play with all the time.  I’ve mentioned before that humans are okay to play with but they get tired fast and they don’t run very good.  Mom thought Dixie would be a good second dog because she is close to my age and size and has an easy going temperament.  She also has a high energy level like me.  Mom likes that because we can tire each other out.  Everyone knows a tired dog is a good dog.   

Mom is getting our house ready for her.  We’re both going to have our own food and water dishes and our own crates so we can have a place to go that is all our own or when Mom and Dad both have to leave us alone.  If we are in our own crates we can’t get into any trouble.

Getting a second dog is a big step and we are doing everything we can to make sure it is not stressful for Dixie or me (or Mom and Dad).  I can’t wait to show her all my tricks like what is the best way to beg for cookies and how to play inside the door/outside the door.  It is going to be so fun.

If you live in a two dog house (or more) let me know.  Tell me what you did to make it a nice place for everyone to live.

Your friend (and almost a Big Sister),

P.S. Shameless self promotion - I think I'll get her one of our My Own Dog Cookie Tin Gift Baskets so I don't have to share my cookies with her...


  1. Dixie wrote Zeva the sweetest letter. She does not have her own blog yet so she sent it via email.. Here it is

    Dear Zeva,

    the lady I live with right now read me the thing you wrote for the other poeples. i was very ekcited to hear about you and my family to b. you will b my 3d family that I live with if you count the 1 I am in now. they are not my forever family. that family is you! i want to thank you for letting be you sister. I am prectising right now to b the best sister ever. I am practising on the 2 dogs that are in this house. they are thelma and julee. I like them a lot. thelma likes me back but julee sometimes gives me funny looks. I don’t blame her. I know this was their family first and that I am only here for a little time. thye tell me I am sick. I don’t feel sick. I want 2 play with thelma and julee like I used to. but the lady I live with gives me pills that make me 2 tired to play. oh well. that’s ok for rite now. the lady mel is her name. she says I can play again soon. then I will come live with you and your family who are marie and vic. I am practising for that 2. I never was living in a house before. my 1st family kept me outside in a wire thing. I don’t want to talk about them. they dropped me in th woods 1 nite. I don’t know why. I think I did something wrong. mel says it wasn’t my fault. she says lots of dogs get dumped in the woods. I know she is rite cuz there was 2 there with me in the beginning. I don’t know where they are now. but I am here.

    things I am learning to be a good part of your family

    1 - don’t turn over that thing in the kitchen where the poeple thro food no matter how good it smells

    2- no ( very important word to learn)

    3- sit, stay, lay down, come ( I am very good at these)

    4- share (this 1 is hard but I am getting there)

    Zeva, I be honast. I have a lot to learn. my first family didn’t teach me nothing I now no. I feel bad about that. I think poeple who have dogs like you and me should teach them to b good dogs. they should give them medicine so they don’t gat sick and have to b stuck by sharp things and have pills 2 make them not play. and most of all they should not dump them in the woods. I could have got died like you said if I hadn’t seen these poeple and they didn’t let me in.

    I cant wait to meet you and have my forever family!

    love Dixie (I love my new name and forgotten the other)

  2. Aw, that's lovely. Gud luck Dixie and Zev! Will dixie be our friend too like you? We would like that.
    Ours is a 2 dog household too, but we 2 don't get along. We can't stay without each other either. But we both love Mama very much.
    Ur Indian pals,
    Bumo and Miu

    1. Oh Yes. I can't wait to tell Dixie all about you and she can tell you what a good big sister I am.

      I think it will be much better if we get along. We might be able to get away with misbehaving with Dad but I 'm not sure about Mom. She might just make me sleep outside where I can get eaten by Zombies or stolen by Space Aliens.


    2. LOLOLOL there r no zombies. our mama told us. so stop being scared. besides ur mama loves u too much to let zombies or space aliens get u. B & M