Thursday, February 5, 2015

Put The Lime In The Coconut

I don’t know about the lime but I LOVE the coconut.  Actually it’s coconut oil that I love.  It tastes yummy and it is really good for you.

We started eating coconut oil this fall when I got a case of the itchies.  Some of my friends suggested Mom give me coconut oil and sure enough, the itchies went away.   Not only that, my fur got fluffier and shinier and even though DixieLee didn’t have the itchies, she has to get all the treats I get so she was getting coconut oil too and her coat got really shiny.

Coconuts are very nutritious (that means they got lots of good stuff in them).  You do have to be a little careful because coconut oil is fat and since I am watching my weight, I just get a teaspoon a day. If you want to start taking coconut oil, you need to start adding a little at a time so your tummy gets used to it.

Coconut oil does more than just make itchies go away and make coats shiny.  It can help digestion, stop infections and helps keep you healthy.  Did I mention that it tastes yummy?  It’s so yummy that if you mix coconut oil in their food picky eaters (if there is such a dog) stop being picky.

There are lots of different coconut oil brands out there so you need to make sure you are getting one of the good ones.   The best kinds are all these things: organic, virgin, unrefined and cold pressed.  The most important words to look for are unrefined and cold pressed.

Oh yeah, coconut oil is also really good for humans.  It keeps them from getting itchies on their skin, makes their hair shiny and keeps them healthy too.

If you already take coconut oil, you know how good it is so let’s spread the word so all dogs can get a yummy nutritious food, be itchies free, have shiny coats and be healthy



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  1. Hey Z! You forgot to say that coconut oil joint massages keep arthritis at bay! We swear by it in India.
    Bumo and Miu