Sunday, January 10, 2016

A Country Dog Goes To The City

We live in the country where we are surrounded by forests and open spaces.  When we want to go outside to play or to pee, we just go to the door and our humans let us go outside by ourselves.  Of course we have to stay inside our fence but it’s a big area where we are safe.

I’ve talked with friends who live in cities where they live in high houses and they have to get their humans to put on leases and take them out to get exercise or, you know….  It’s a delicate subject and even though we are friends I haven’t asked but I do wonder how they can pee on a sidewalk and not get splashed on their feet and butts.  Even when we walk in town we have lots of grass nearby so I don’t worry about getting splash back and as long as Mom has a pocket full of poop bags, we’re good to go.

Recently I’ve read about a couple of ideas people have had to make living in the city easier for dogs.  In a place called Instanbul in a country called Turkey, one company has set up feeding bins around the city to help homeless dogs and cats.  I think these feeding bins are a wonderful idea.

We know that humans have finally realized that drinking water is very healthy and they carry bottles around with them.  Instead of throwing the empty bottles in the trash where they will hurt the environment, the company in Instanbul made boxes that pour fresh water and some food into dishes to feed homeless dogs and cats when a human put their empty bottle into the box.

All they have to do is put an empty bottle in the top and clean food and water comes out the bottom.  How cool is that?

What a super idea!  Everybody wins!  The humans drink more water, the bottles get recycled instead of getting thrown in the trash and a dog or cat gets a nourishing meal.  What’s not to like?

Another interesting idea I read about lately was the Dog Parker.  It is not only dangerous to leave a dog in a car when the temperature is too hot or too cold, in many places it is illegal.  A dog could easily get died!  We all like to go for rides with our humans and sometimes they need to run errands while they are out. It is very difficult for a human to take their dog for a ride and stop to shop when it is not safe to leave them in the car.

When we go for drives or walks in the city and Mom wants to go to a store, Dad waits with us in the car or on the sidewalk.  That’s fine but what about dogs who are  driving or walking with only one human.  Sometimes they get tied up to a post outside the store which could make them easy to be stolen or to eat something bad.

A human in New York, invented a little house type thing called a Dog Parker.  It’s a very secure dog house where the human can pay money to have their dog stay safe in the Dog Parker while they shop or have some food.  There are some rules like you have to join the Dog Parker club and have to show you have had your shots but it seems like a good idea.  It’s still dangerous for pets to be in an enclosed place when it is too hot or too cold so when it gets really cold or really hot, the Dog Parkers are put away.  It may not be perfect but it’s a start.

Dogs can now fly safely inside planes with their humans on some airlines and lots of hotels allow dogs to stay in the rooms.  We have a couple of big food stores that have staffed play areas so Moms and Dads can leave their children in a safe place while they shop.  Maybe someday stores will have dog parks where dogs can play while their humans shop.

It's not easy being a dog in a human world but we are making progress.  Whether you live in the city or in the country I hope you get to share lots of rides and walks with your humans. 

Your friend,


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