Tuesday, June 14, 2016

If It Fits, I Sits

Hi everyone, Fo here.

Like most dogs and many humans, Zeva finds cats to be very mysterious creatures. For example, she asked me why cats like to sit in boxes, bags, flower pots or other weird places.

Well, we cats like being mysterious. As far as why we like to snuggle in boxes and other small spaces, there are several reasons.

Cats are hunters and a box makes a great hiding place. We can watch our prey and ambush them when they get close.

It's also advisable to have good hiding places when you need to hide from predators and enclosed spaces like boxes help us to feel safe. Cats sleep a lot. We need anywhere from 12 to 16 hours every day. A good box makes us feel safe while we are sleeping.

Don't let our nonchalance fool you. We may appear to be calm and indifferent but we get stressed out too. We also like to avoid conflict so retreating to a box is a way for us to get away. Zeva tells me she like to go into her crate when she is feeling stressed. A crate is nothing but a big box.

Boxes also keep us warm. If we can't find a nice sunny window, we'll look for some other cozy place to curl up in. We're most comfortable when the air temperatures are some where between 86 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Most people keep their houses much cooler than that so curling up in small spaces helps us keep warm.

So the next time a human buys an expensive cat condo and their cat prefers the box it came in, understand that the box gives her a warm and stress free place where she can hide, sleep or track her prey.

One last thing, be sure to check before you close any open drawers or closet doors, there just might be a cat sleeping in your sweaters or shoes.

Hope the rest of your day is purrrrr fect,

Fo, the cat

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