Tuesday, September 13, 2016

How Much Is Enough?

Mom thought that I was asleep in the other room so she didn’t know that I overheard her talking with DixieLee.  If you have been following my blog, you know that DixieLee is an abandoned dog that we rescued several years ago and that she recently has had a rough couple of months.  First she had a liver infection and then, when we went to doggie day care to have fun, she got kennel cough.

Mom told DixieLee that she knew that she was getting good food and shelter but she hoped that she also was getting enough love.  Dog that are in shelters get good food and shelter and I know that the humans who work at shelters love animals and spend as much time with them as they can but it’s not like having their own family where someone loves them for who they are.  Having your own humans who love them is super important.

Some people think that dogs love anyone who feeds them.  That’s sort of kind of true but it’s not the whole true.  Dogs are pack animals.  We need to have others in our lives.  Other dogs are good but when we leave our birth moms and litter mates to go live with humans, we form a pack with them. 

Sometimes it’s just one human.  I know lots of dogs who live with one human and love it.  They get all the attention and all of the treats.  I know other dogs who live in houses that have other pets and lots of humans.  They think they have it pretty good too cuz there is always someone to play with or to beg treats from.

No matter how big or little the pack is, dogs are affectionate beings.  All we want is to love our pack members and be loved by them.  We are also very protective of our pack members.  I don’t like it when someone I don’t know gets too close to Mom cuz it’s my job to protect her but once Mom says it’s okay, I know she’s got it all under control so I can relax.

I don’t know how much love is supposed to be enough but I do know that DixieLee and I know that Mom and Dad love us super much.  I just wish every shelter dog (and cat) will someday get a good home with plenty of food and lots and lots of love.

Your very loved friend,


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  1. Thank you so much for sharing, Zeva. Jasper was a shelter pet. I'm so lucky to have him in my life. He is my hero. He loves his kitty brothers, Joshua and Meeko, too. This afternoon when we went out, Millie, the lady who cleans for our landlady, was there and she gave Jasper lots of pets...he was an extra happy dog today. Love to you and DixieLee.

  2. Thank you Lali. The humans on 3Million Dogs are all such loving and caring people. The world needs more like them. Jasper, Joshua and Meeko are lucky to have you and to have a cleaning lady that appreciates a good dog. :) Love Zeva and Marie