Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Dogs Can Be Scaredy Cats Too

My sister DixieLee is one of the bravest dogs I know. When we go for walks and other dogs bark and growl, she barks and growls right back.  She’s a really good fighter too!  We play fight all the time and I am bigger and stronger but she is wicked quick and barks really loud.  She is a fierce warrior who isn’t afraid of anything.

Or maybe not.  She won’t like me telling you this but there are things that make her be really scared. She would run at a huge bear if it were going to attack Mom but when she hears thunder miles away, she hides in the closet.  She is afraid of loud noises.

She is not alone.  Fear caused by noise is a very common problem for dogs.  Remember, we have really good hearing so a loud noise for a human is super duper loud for a dog.  When a dog gets scared by a loud noise he or she may try to run away from the noise.
A thunder storm or fireworks display can go on for a long time and there is nowhere to go to get away from the noise.  DixieLee is lucky that she has a place to hide where she feels safe.  Mom’s clothes closet is small and the door is not open wide so the noise is not so bad.  Some dogs are not as lucky and don’t have a place where they feel safe.  They get so scared they try to dig their way through the floors of their house to make a den like our friend Miu or escape from their yard and run for hours (getting very lost) to get away for the noise.
Oh Boy!  Neither is a good solution.
We have a Mom who wants us to be healthy and happy.  Shew doesn’t like that DixieLee is scared of loud noises and although hiding in the closet makes her feel okay, We wanted something better. Recently our Vet told us about an herbal supplement that helps with anxiety.  Now when we know a storm is coming or when we are going to have fireworks in our town, DixieLee gets a supplement that lets her feel less scared and safe enough to sit with Mom and me on the couch until the noise goes away.
Dogs can be trained to not be scared of loud noises and there are other way to help them deal with their noise fears.  One of our trainer friends recommends the Thunder Shirt.  Some dogs do well listening to soothing music or getting a massage.  There are holistic remedies like the one we use that work for some dogs.
For me, just being able to cuddle up next to my Mom on the couch until the storm passes is enough but not for my sister.  If you need more than a cuddle to help you get through a thunder storm, have your humans talk to your vet and look for other alternatives.  There is no reason for you to be so scared of loud noises that you could hurt yourself or get  lost.

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  1. Hi, Zeva. Jasper used to not be scared of loud noises. But now that there were loud screeching whining fireworks this year, he is terrified of thunder. And the fireworks is another bad noise he can't handle. We had a dog before him, Halley, and she freaked out during thunderstorms and here in Florida we can have a thunderstorm every day. I know when it storms now, Jasper hides under my bed. Thanks for sharing.