Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's Off To Work I Go!

I just took a look at the calendar and boy, time is sure moving along. At the Studio we are getting ready for the upcoming Holiday Season. DixieLee and I are working very hard testing treats and toys and approving designs. We are very lucky that we get to go to work every day with our Mom.
I know lots of dogs and cats that get to go to work with their humans every day too and there is even a special day called Take Your Dog To Work Day in June where some places let the humans bring their dogs in and spend the day in the offices.
Most people I know think it is a wonderful idea to let pets go to work with their humans. Allowing pets to go to work lets the employees have a more balanced life. They will stay later to finish projects when they don’t have to rush home to feed their furry friend and walking a pet for a potty break gets the employee outside for some fresh air and exercise which can increase creativity and productivity.
Of course there need to be some rules about pets that go to work like they have to be housebroken, well mannered and friendly. Having dogs peeing in the office, fighting with other pets or biting coworkers would be a very bad thing. No company wants a smelly office, employees rushing their pet to the vet or dealing with lawyers over dog bite claims.
Some pets, like DixieLee, manage to get in trouble without trying. She’s not B-A-D just curious and klutzy. She chews socks and pulls pillows off of the sofa or gets into the trash. In an office it would be very bad for a dog to chew on computer cords or jump up on other workers or clients.
When we had our Shoppe, I had to stay in the office/studio part and not go out into the store area. I know I was a good greeter but there were some people who are afraid of dogs who might not think so. Also from the Shoppe I could get into the main hall and wander into other businesses.  I love to socialize with our neighbors but Mom says it's a no no.
As hard as it is to believe, not all people like pets and there are some people that are allergic. I am a very clean dog but there are still some businesses like medical offices and restaurants where animals shouldn’t go because of germs.
I’d like to know if you get to go to work with your human and if you do, do you work from your house or do you go to an office. If you go to an office, what are the rules you need to follow?
Sorry, got to go, I see the big brown truck just brought us some more packages. I wonder what we’ll be testing today.
Your busy friend,

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