Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Food For Thought

We usually don’t like when that big brown truck comes to our house but we like it when it brings us dog food!

Food is very important stuff.  There are lots and lots of kinds of food.  We like the kind Dad cooks but he doesn’t share it with us.  We get our own special food.  Mom says when we eat food made special for dogs we get all the nutrition we need to be healthy. 

Some peoples think that dog only need meat.  We like meat but grains and fruits and vegetables have stuff in them like vitamins, minerals and fiber that are good for us too. There are dogs who have Moms or Dads that cook food for them.  I bet that food tastes extra good but our Mom is not so good at cooking so we get ours from a store.

Even stores have lots of different kinds of food for pets.  There are foods that come in a bag and foods that come in a can.  There are foods made special for puppies and food made special for seniors.  There is even a food made special for dogs like me who tend to gain weight too easy.

There are so many kinds of food because there are so many kinds of dogs.  DixieLee and I get different food.  She doesn’t have “weight issues” so she gets a different food than I do.  Even so, Mom makes sure we both get a good quality food.

There is lots and lots of information about dog food and not all of it is true.  We talk with our vet about what kind of food we eat.  Unfortunately he told Mom that I am eating too much.  He said that the “recommended” portion they list on the bag is too much for me.  After all, it is the dog food peoples job to sell more dog food.  The more we eat, the more we buy.  Sigh. 

Now instead of measuring with a “cup” Mom measures with this little coffee measuring thing.  I may be a couple of pounds overweight but obesity in pets is a serious issue.   A cat was recently surrendered to a shelter that weighed 35 pounds.  That’s more than three times what a cat should weigh.  That poor kitty. 

Knowing about ingredients is important too.  Mom likes to read.  She even likes to read the back of the dog food bag to see what is inside.  All kibble may look the same but it sure isn’t.

She reads the back of the bag every time we get one to make sure that the company didn’t change what is inside.  She said that she fed the dogs who lived here before us a “high quality” food.  One day somebody bought the company and made changes so that the food was not so good anymore!

All of this research and writing has made me hungry.  Going to see if I can beg a cookie out of Mom.
Bone Appetite!


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  1. Thank you so much, Zeva. This is very informative. Joshua tends to put on weight easily and he gets a different kibble than Meeko does. When we adopted Jasper, we had to try different foods with him because he was so picky. Well, he still is. Sometimes he will eat fine and other times he ignores his food completely. He will only have Variety Snap biscuits as a treat, or the kitties Plus Care treats, and he only eats Cesar food, which I read recently is a bad food for dogs. The only dry kibble he eats is some dry grain free stuff given to us by a friend whose pit bull passed away. If Jasper walks away from his food, the cats come over to lick the coconut oil and oregano off the plate. Yes, Jasper is very strange. He loves his food sprinkled with Oregano! If you have any suggestion for a wet food Jasper might eat, I'd love to know. Dry food suggestions, too. Thanks for your blogs, Zeva. Love to DixieLee, you and your mama, too.

  2. It's so hard to find good food today. So many recalls and so many foods that are not nutritionally balanced out there. Mom says she does the best she can and hopes it's good enough. We look for foods made in the USA. We order from Chew.com (used wag.com until they merged). Lots of choices. We are now using the Wellness and Blue Buffalo. Dixielee and I have different digestive issues.
    Check out the FB page, Joanie has quite a bit to say and some suggestions you might find helpful.

  3. Thanks. I will. Joanie, you know, isn't my friend anymore. She decided I wasn't a nice person to know. But I can still read her suggestions as long as they're on your pal paws boutique page.