Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I Am A Hero...Again

That was scary!  I was headed outside to the little dog's room.  As soon as I rounded the corner there they were...a million giant birds!!! Well maybe not a million but there were alot and there were giant.
As soon as I saw them I raised the alarm.  I needed to alert the whole neighborhood.  Like I said, there were alot of them.  I let out my "Look Out We're Being Attacked" bark and started running.  I was running away from them at first but I did get it together and ran after them eventually.   They were scattering in different directions so I needed all of my Border Collie skills to herd them. They could run pretty fast and they flew up into the trees.  Did you ever see a giant bird fly?  It's not a pretty sight.  Also they're not very coordinated and would never score well in agility.
And the noise they made, like I said it was scary.
Once I made sure our yard was secure, I checked on my mom who came out to see what was going on.  She explained to me that the giant birds were a flock of turkeys.
Where had I heard that word before? Oh yeah. Turkeys are a big part of Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving is one of our big holidays at the Studio.  Over the past week we've been making up the gift baskets and setting up our delivery schedule. We're going to be delivering a Thanksgiving gift basket to some people in Longmeadow on Saturday. We're also getting some packaged up and ready for Fed Ex to take to other people who live far away from us.  Mom says gift baskets are nice gifts to send over the holidays when you can't be with family and friends.
Since I am very involved in the business, I've been keeping my eye on the calendar to make sure we get all the gifts delivered on time.  After all, Thanksgiving is only a few days away.
Thanksgiving is a holiday so I won't have to work that day. Everybody at our house will be eating a big turkey and having other great stuff like pie and cake.  I just hope they remember that I like turkey and I get to have some again this year.
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
Your friends,

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