Sunday, November 20, 2011

Staying In Shape

I'm part border collie and part Labrador so I have lots and lots of energy.  My border collie ancestors were bred and trained to gather and herd animals like sheep.  Lots of my cousins still work on farms herding all kinds of animals including cows.
My Labrador ancestors were bred and trained to retrieve game birds.  My friend Sadie is a Lab and is really good at putting up and retrieving birds.
Unlike Sadie and my farm cousins, I spend most of my days inside working behind a desk.  That's why it's important for me to get as much exercise as I can.  Good exercise like walking and playing not only keep me fit but keep me from getting bored.
I have lots of toys at work and at home to play with and my mom tries to take me for a walk every day but there are times when we get so busy she can't leave the Studio so she's found other ways to make sure get my exercise.  When Mom can't take me out I get to go for walks with my friend Lee Ann.  Lee Ann doesn't have any dogs of her own so she takes me and some of my other friends for walks.  Sometimes we dogs play tag or catch and when I get back to the Studio, I'm so tired I need to take a nap.
I love when Mom has all day meetings because I get to go to Dances With Dogs day care.  Being in day care is the BEST.   I get to play with lots of dogs all day long.  We get to play indoors and outdoors.  In the summer they have pools where we can cool off and the toys!  I've never seen so many toys in one place and I can play with all of them.
The people at Dances With Dogs are really nice too.  They make sure I get my lunch to keep my energy up and a nap so I don't get over tired.  Even with a nap, I am so tired when it's time to go, I usually sleep all the way home.
If Mom and Dad need to be away on a weekend Deborah my pet sitter from All Life Matters comes to my house to walk me, feed me lunch and play with me.
Balance in life is important.  Working hard is good but you need to make sure you get plenty of exercise, eat right and get enough rest.  That goes for dogs too.  Dogs, especially working breeds, need lots of exercise.  If we don't get enough exercise or if we get bored, we can get destructive and nobody wants that.   So, I've designed our Good Dog Spot gift basket with lots of toys to keep any dog busy and happy.  A happy dog is a good dog.
Stay healthy, stay happy.
Your friend,


  1. Hi Zeva,
    We are A okay when Priya mama is in town. But sometimes when she is out of town our cook and cleaning lady take care of us. Miu doesn't mind it and I tolerate it because everything - food, exercise etc - happens on time. But last time I was so upset I tore up mama's mattress into shreds. U should have seen her face when she came back from Goa. Priceless! I had to show her that I don't like being left with someone else and that I miss her, no?

  2. Oh Brumo

    You're lucky you have someone that you know that takes care of you when your mama is away.

    Some dogs I know have to go to kennels when their humans go away. There are lots of nice kennels around but still, I wouldn't want to go to one.

    I only had to have some one else take care of me once when both Mom and Dad were away but it was my friend Deborah.

    Deborah is a professional pet sitter and a friend of Mom's so I already knew her.

    We also have lots of "pet friendly" hotels so if Mom and Dad go on vacation they can take me but not when it's business.

    I bet your mama was upset! Humans get all upset when we chew their stuff. She must love you a lot but I bet you got a time out. I wouldn't shred the mattress cuz then I wouldn't have any place to sleep either.