Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Give A Dog A Bone

Hi Everyone
Well, the Holidays are over with for another year.  Hope Santa Paws brought you everything you asked for.  I got some really tasty treats and some great toys.  I did lots of toy testing to see which ones shred the easiest. Toy testing is part of my new job as Designer for  the Pet Division of Laurel Mountain Basket Co and I take my job very seriously.  My new NylaBone and King Kong are the only toys that passed the Zeva destroy test.  My mom makes sure all of my toys are safe to play with and when they get shredded she takes them to their new home in the trash.
I did get a couple of raw hide bones but I'm not allowed to have them.  My mom has some concerns about where and how they are made.  She learned that some raw hide, especially from foreign countries, is treated with chemicals like arsenic. Also, I like to eat my toys, not just chew them and she is afraid some raw hide chunks will get in my tummy and cause indigestion or blockage which is really, really bad.
Instead of raw hide I get marrow bones to chew on.  Because I am a fast eater, I get all the good stuff off of the bone so it doesn't sit around collecting bacteria.  If I eat too much of the yummy stuff inside the bone, I can get diarrhea so mom makes sure I don't have too much.  I did get a huge knuckle bone that didn't have any middle stuff but it's great for chewing anyway.
I don't think I will be putting any marrow bones in our gift baskets but I'd be interested in knowing what types of chew toys you think I should include in my new designs.  Drop me note.  I'd love to hear from you.
Remember, no chewing shoes or furniture,
Your friend


  1. We don't get rawhide either...pops says too many foreigners trying to harm us pups in the states, play bows,


    1. Thanks RA. My mom watches where my dog food is made too. Can't be too careful.
      P.S. One of my best friends is named RA. He's a mini grayhound. He lives in the building where I work and we get to play some times.

      Hope you have lots of snow where you live.

      Your friend,