Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My Own Credit Card

Hi Everyone,
I have my very own credit card.  It's a special credit card that takes care of me when I have to visit the vet.  I don't go have to go to the vet often because I try to be healthy.  My humans help out by making sure I get good food, lots of exercise and enough rest.  That's all good stuff but I still need to get regular check ups at the vet's and I could get sick.  Like last Thanksgiving Eve. I had a bad tummy for a couple of days and kept being sick.  When we called my vet's office, we found out they were closed for the holiday, so my mom took me to the Emergency Hospital.
The doctor at the hospital said I was sick because I was stressed out and acid was making me sick.  She was supposed to make sure I had food in my tummy when I went to bed and that would help.  It was good that we didn't have to do any big tests or get a prescription for medicine but just a visit to an Emergency Hospital can be very expensive.  So I'm glad I've got me my own credit card.
My friend Honey hurt her legs and not only did she have to go to her vet and the Emergency Hospital, she had to go to Tufts Veterinary Hospital which is far away.  She had to go stay at Tufts for a couple of days and even when she came home, it took her a long time to get better.
Being sick is no fun.  When any of my friends gets sick I send them lots of hugs and sometimes I send them one of my Best In Show or other pet gift baskets from my design collection.
After my visit to the hospital and Honey's scary story, I'm beginning to wonder if I should get pet insurance.  I've been doing some checking and have talked to some of the dogs at the day care but I'm not sure it's right for me.  Do you have pet insurance?  Do you think it's a good investment? Let me know what your think.
Hope you all have a happy and HEALTHY New Year!
Your friend,

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