Saturday, May 5, 2012

Dog vs Bear

A very terrible thing happened in Northampton, Massachusetts a few nights ago.  A dog, a nine year old golden retriever, was attacked by a bear.  The dog had to go to the vet but is going to be okay.  The policeman said it was probably a mama bear and a cub and that the mama was protecting her baby.
This sad story is not that unusual.  Thankfully this one had a good ending.  What upset me more than a dog getting hurt by a bear was the way people responded to what happened.
Some people blamed the dog (the nerve of some people).  They said it should not have barked at the bear.  Sorry but barking is what we dogs do.
Others blamed the bear.  They said it shouldn't have been in the yard and said they hoped it got shot.  And still others blamed the dogs humans saying they should not have let the dog outside without being on a leash.  It was the dogs own back yard.
I blame the people who come from the city to live in a nice woodsy area and don't know anything about the animals who also live here.  Our house is only a few miles from Northampton, a city of about 30,000 people.  Our yard is mostly woods and there are lots and lots more woods in our neighborhood.  All kinds of animals, including bears and coyote live in the woods.  I have a nice fenced in area of grass to play in but we know that a coyote could easily jump over the fence if it wanted to so we are always careful.
One morning, not long ago, on our way to work we saw a half dozen trash bins knocked over and garbage spread all along the road. Yup, bears love to pick through garbage.  It's easier to knock over a garbage bin that's just sitting there than to go hunting for food.  And bears must have good memories because once they find a place with free food, they keep going back.
Bird feeders are another favorite place for bears to find yummy food.  We have bird feeders at our house but only keep them up in the winter when it is hard for the birds to find food.  Once it starts to get warm, we take them down.  Birds can easily find food in warm weather.  Other people think it's good to feed the birds all year round because they like seeing the birds.  They get angry when a bear climbs up and steals the bird feeder.
Some people think the bears that live in the area are like the ones they see in zoos.  They think it's okay to just walk up and take pictures.  It is not okay.  It is dangerous.
I love where I live.  It's a very pretty place.  My humans and I also know that we need to respect the wild animals who also live here and do what we try to make sure we are all safe while we enjoy our homes.
Please, if you like living in a nice woodsy area, remember the animals were here first and be their friend by giving them space.
Your friend,

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