Friday, May 11, 2012

Tricks for Treats

Hi Everyone,
Who likes treats?  I do for sure.  They say if you do something you love, you never have to work a day in your life.  Well, I have the perfect job.  I am the Product Tester at I get to test all of the treats that go into our Pet Gift Baskets. Of all the product I get to test, I like testing cookies the best.
Recently we got a package of treats from Healthy Dogma( in Michigan.  Because I am such a good product tester they asked me if I would try them and give my opinion.  OMG!   They make the yummiest cookies ever!  I got to test the nutty apple barkers.  Peanuts and apples together! An amazing combination that is so delicious.  Of course they have other good stuff in them like whole grain oats, olive oil and other stuff mom cares about.  But they don't have any wheat, corn or soy which is stuff mom doesn't like to have in my food.
It says right on the package that they are "For good dogs only" which isn't a problem for me.
I also got to test their amazing apple crisps.  Amazing is part of the name and boy, did they name these treats right.  Does your mom bake?  You know that nice smell when she bakes an apple pie?  Well, these treats taste just like that.  The amazing apple crisps are great for all dogs but they could be especially good for those of us who are watching our girlish figures.   They are low calorie and have dietary fiber in them which is all good.  They also have antioxidants and vitamin C.  I don't know where they hide all that good stuff because all the ingredients say is apples and cinnamon.
Healthy Dogma has lots of other great treats I am going to ask my to get for me.    I'm thinking the blissful banana crisps will be pretty good.  I wonder if they taste like banana cream pie.  And there are a bunch of barkers that sound yummy too.
All this talk of treats is making me hungry.  I'll have to go see if there are any nutty apple barkers left.
Be a good dog and maybe your humans will get you some Healthy Dogma treats too.
Your friend,

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