Saturday, July 21, 2012

To The Rescue

My name is Zeva and this is my blog.

July 23, 2012 is Bloggers Unite for Dog Rescue day.    I am a rescued dog. I was born in a shelter in South Carolina.   Some very special people gave a pregnant homeless dog a safe place to have her puppies.  When  my brothers and sisters and I were old enough, they helped us get to another rescue service in Connecticut where we would have a better chance at getting adopted.

It was a very long ride in a car but it was well worth it.  Before we even got to the rescue service our pictures were posted on  That's where my mom saw me.  She said she knew as soon as she saw me, that I was very special and she would be taking me home.

I am a very lucky dog.  I have a very loving home.  Millions of dogs are killed each year because instead of choosing a perfectly excellent dog like me from a shelter or rescue service, people buy dogs from pet stores.  Dogs that are sold in pet stores have sad stories to tell also because lots of them come from horrible places called Puppy Mills.

Many dogs end up in shelters because people don't realize how much responsibility there is to having a dog as a pet. They get tired and frustrated and dump perfectly good dogs at the shelter adding to the over crowding.  Because their humans didn't understand them, many of these animals developed "bad habits" which make it even harder to find good homes for them.

Not everyone who loves dogs can adopt.  If you can't adopt a dog cuz you already have one or two, you travel too much, or live where you can't have a dog.  There are still lots of ways you can help.
  •  Volunteer at a local shelter or rescue organization.  A few minutes a week walking a dog or simply spending time with him in a shelter will mean the world to that dog.
  •   Foster a dog.  Shelters only have so much room.  By taking a dog into your home,  you may be saving that dog's life.
  •  Drop a bag of food into the collection box at your local pet food store or organize a fund raiser to help raise much needed money and supplies for a local shelter.
  • Spread the word that we need your help.
We dogs can do lots of things but we can't speak for ourselves. Please be our voice.  Please help me help other very special dogs find forever home.

Your friend,

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  1. Hi! We hopped over from the Blog Hop and we think your post today is a good reminder that even doing something as simple as dropping off a bag of dog (or cat, hahameow) food for those shelter pets, is helping...We have to be better about remembering to click everyday on the Free Kibble and Animal Rescue Site, too!!