Thursday, July 26, 2012

Were Not Even in Kansas!

Mom has been keeping an eye on the weather forecast today.  We may be in for some stormy weather.  Just last year we had a very, very bad tornado near my house that destroyed lots of houses.  It was so bad that people are still getting their lives and homes back together.

I'm glad my mom knows what to do if we have an emergency.  I have my own emergency kit.  All of my important papers like medical records and stuff are in a box.  I'm not on any medication right now but if I were, the medication is kept in that box.  My box could hold a recent photo so my humans will have a picture to post if I get lost.  Mom has lots of photos of me in her phone so we don't need any others.  If we have to leave the house we can grab my kit very quickly and put it into my crate which goes in the car in a flash.

Other things that are in my doggy emergency kit are:
Extra leashes and collar
A blanket
Food in pop top cans or powdered food made for camping
A dish
Bottled water

If we have to leave our town, we have friends who live far enough away that we can stay with.  If you don't have friends like that, make sure your humans know about pet friendly shelters in your area or pet friendly hotels that are far enough away.

If we don't have to leave the house, we have a nice room that is partly under ground where we can go.  It is where Mom has her gift basket supplies so the humans will have lots of cookies and candy to eat if we need to stay in that room long.  They also have healthy human food and lots of water to drink.

Make sure you don't get left behind because you will be soooo scared that you might break out and run away and not be able to find your way home again.

It can be scary but trust your humans and you will be fine.

Your friend,
P.S. The photo shows what happened when a micro burst hit our town a few years before I was born.  See that black line on the right?  That is where the wires burned the road.  Sacry....


  1. Hi Zeva,
    I am going to ask mama about our emergency box for me and Miu, and check if everything that you talked about is in there.
    ur Indian friend,

    1. Hi Bumo

      Good idea. I know you have some bad storms in India and you want to make sure you and Miu are ready, just in case.