Sunday, May 1, 2016

Happy Birthday To Me!

I turned six years old today!  Even though I am a big girl, my Mom and Dad tell me I am still their baby.

I love birthdays.  They are so much fun. I had my party on Saturday so we could all spend the whole day together.   In our house when someone has a birthday, we all get presents.

 On DixieLee’s birthday in November we each got a pterodactyl toy. I like mine cuz it squeaks and DixieLee likes hers cuz it feels like a sock and she LOVES socks.

For my birthday we each got our own caribou antler!  We have to be very careful with caribou antlers because chewing any kind of bone can break teeth, especially when you are an aggressive chewer like DixieLee.  As long as we gnaw on them and not try to take big chunks out of them, we are allowed to play with them.

Even though we get lots of hugs and pettings and treats every day, we get extra special attention when it is our birthday.  At my party we had sweet potato chips and we got to go for a big walk.  Mom and Dad sang Happy Birthday to me too.

My party was only with family because my bestest friends live too far away to come to our house.  If you live near your friends you could invite them to your party.  If you are having a doggy birthday party with your bestest friends, here are few things you might want to think about.

1.  Where to have your party.  We have big fenced-in yard so we could have a good party right at our house but if you have a tiny yard or live in an apartment, the local dog park or daycare center might be a good place to have your party.

2.  No matter where you have your party, make sure there are plenty of humans around to supervise.  With everybody running around and playing some body could get over excited and before you know it, a fun game could turn into trouble.

3.  Have lots of treats.  A good party has lots and lots of good snacks.  And don’t forget to keep the water bowl full.  A dog can work up a big appetite and a mighty thirst during a game of tag or tug-of-war.

4.  Have a pool party.  I don’t particularly like stepping in water but on a really hot day I like the kiddy pool at doggy daycare.  And there are always lots of dogs playing in the river pool at the dog park.  I bet those dogs would love a pool party.

5.  Don’t forget the cake.  Every birthday party needs a cake but make sure it is doggy friendly.  If you don’t have a doggy bakery near your house, there are some really easy to make doggy cake recipes on line.

6.  Have fun.  

One thing about birthdays is that you get tired out from all the excitement so I think it’s time for a birthday nap.

Your friend the birthday girl,

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  1. Happy birthday puppy dog!


  2. Hey Z, happy b'day once again! Can't believe you are such a big girl now. Luv, Bumo and Miu

  3. Happy Birthday Zeva!! Friends always, Tillie Audriana

  4. Happy belated birthday, Zeva. Jasper had posted to you and we looked and it's not on your page. So very sorry, my dear. Jasper had his seventh birthday in March. Love, Lali and Jasper.