Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Moo, I Mean Woof

I admit it, I like to eat grass.  Mom buys us good nutritious food but I still like a little grass now and then.  I guess it’s all right since most vets, even though they don’t know why dogs eat grass, say that eating grass is okay.

I like grass cuz it tastes good but I make sure I only eat grass that doesn’t have pesticides or chemicals on it.  Sometimes Dad adds fertilizer to our lawn but never in our pen so pen grass is always safe to eat.  I specially like the grass that grows near the fence because it’s extra long and thick.

Some people think dogs eat grass because they have a bad belly that makes them wanted to throw up from eating something yucky or that they are having a little digestive problem.  I remember a time or two when I had to hurry and wake Mom up to let me outside because I was going to be sick and eating grass did help. 

Some people think it’s a way for dogs to get rid of worms.  Back in the olden days when dogs didn’t live with people, they didn’t have vets so they had to take care of worms themselves.  Still others think we eat grass to grass because we don’t get enough of good stuff like nutrients or fiber from our food.  Could be the reason for some dogs but we get carrots and other veggies and even get tuna fish juice or eggs in addition to regular dog food.

If you like to occasionally nibble on some grass, it’s probably okay but if you suddenly start chowing down like Bessie the Cow or if you are eating and throwing up lots of days at a time, you need to visit your vet cuz it could mean you need medicine.

For the record, the real reason we eat grass is to mess with our human’s heads.  We have to keep you all on your toes and if you think we are sick you give us more hugs and cookies.

While I am in a confessing mood, I admit I also eat dirt, sticks and poop and DixieLee eats paper and sox but those are topics for a whole other blog.

Your friend,


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  1. We mess with our mama too by eating grass .... and then being sick. Mama used to worry initially, but now she is okay with it. We know it is not because of wormies because mom gets us dewormed every 3 months. It's just that we feel like it, so that's that!

    1. Eating grass is fun specially when it makes our Mom's crazy. Our friend Beauregard said he used to eat grass until his Mom started giving him chlorophyll which he can get from eating good stuff like broccoli and spinach. So glad you get meds so you don't get tummy buggies. Tummy buggies are bad, bad, bad! Stay healthy and eat your veggies. Love, Zeva