Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Not Just For Fun

If you think that playing is only for fun you would be wrong.  Play is a very serious thing.  Play is exercise and exercise is really important for dogs because it helps us get rid of energy.  If we don’t get rid of energy by playing we find some other way to get rid of it.   I’m not pointing paws or anything, but some dogs, like a certain sister I have, get rid of extra energy by misbehaving. 

By encouraging play, your human could save a nice pair of shoes or an end table or even Mom’s reading glasses.  (Not pointing paws.  Just saying it wasn’t me.)

Anyway, play can be lots of things.  Play can be gentle or extreme.  Taking a walk can be a kind of play.  Nice walks are good for older dogs or dogs that don’t have lots of energy like Basset Hounds or Bulldogs.  Breeds like Border Collies or Australian Shepherds are very high energy and need lots more exercise.  Lots of high energy dogs love agility training because they get to use up all that energy.

Beagles can do well in the agility part.  It’s the training part that gets in the way.  DixieLee is a beagle mix which might explain a lot.

I like to play catch and our toy box is filled with lots of different balls.  Balls are good for playing other games too.

When it’s too cold or rainy outside Mom likes to play Up and Down the Stairs.  Mom makes the ball go down the stairs and I have to go down the stairs, get the ball and bring it back up to her.

Up and Down the Stairs uses different muscles and gets rid of energy fast.

Fetch is another good game and you can use lots of different toys.  A ball makes a good fetch toy but so does a Frisbee or even a soft toy.  DixieLee’s favorite toy is a funny snowman.  She loves when Mom throws it and she can fetch it back. 

Chase games are fun.  DixieLee and I play chase all the time.  Mom and Dad aren’t very good at this game so they just watch and cheer.  Bubbles are pretty to chase but are not good for playing fetch.  No matter how quick you are they disappear as soon as you think you’ve got them.

The soft snowman is also good for another good game.  Tug of War.  This is lots of fun.  We play Tug of War with Mom and Dad and with each other.  Braided rope toys are good Tug of War toys.

We have lots of toys to play with and after a day of playing our toy box is empty and our toys are all over the house.  Some dogs, like our cousin Sophie, put all their toys back in the box when they are done playing.   Putting away toys takes energy and by the time I’m done playing I’m out of energy and ready for a nap.

I bet you have a favorite game and toy.  Let me know so that we can make sure that we have the most popular toys in all of our gift basket.

Your playful friend,


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