Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Welcome Home

I love Mom and Dad and miss them when they are not at home.  I can hear when they start driving up our street and even though it is a short drive, it seems like forever before they come into the house.  I am so happy when they come home because then our pack is all together and I can watch over everyone.

I make sure I greet Mom and Dad at the door so they know I am happy to see them and to see if they have been around any other dogs.  My sister, however, goes overboard.  She loves Dad and greets him nice but when Mom comes home she goes crazy.  She runs to the toy chest or the couch and grabs a toy.  Then she runs to Mom.  She is so excited and her tail wags so hard she could give me a concussion if she hit me in the head.

She must think that Mom will like her more if she gives gifts but I don’t think so.  I’ve heard that some humans think it’s “cute”.  I’ve heard them say their dogs are bringing them gifts because they love them or they are showing respect because humans are the pack Alpha.

I’m not so sure about that.

 I’ve never seen Mom chew on a dirty sock or old caribou horn and Mom knows she is in charge and I know it too but I don’t need to bring her stuff to prove it.   It could be that DixieLee is part hound and in the way old times wild dogs would bring food to the den for the pack the share.  It would be just like her to show off her hunting skills.

It doesn’t help that Mom tells her she is a good dog and thanks her for the toy.  Of course DixieLee doesn’t give her the toy.  It’s not like she wants to play.  We know that Mom has things to put away when she gets home and can’t play so we just follow her around until she is done.

Besides, when we want to play we just throw toys at Mom.  She’s pretty smart and she knows we want to play catch or tug of war and unless she is typing something really, really important she will stop and play with us.

I’ve asked DixieLee why she greets Mom like that but she says she just feels like it. 

What about you?

A.  Do you bring something to your human when they come home?

B.  Why do you do it?

C.  What does your human do when you do?

Curiously yours,


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  1. This is great, DixieLee and Zeva. Jasper rarely brings me a toy when I get home. He just does the happy dance all around and can't wait for me to pet and love on him. However, he does have a toy ritual. Not always the same toy either. He will grab a favorite toy, carry it in his mouth like a cat carries a dead mouse and take it to the front room. Then when we are ready to go to bed, I have to gather up his toy. LOL! I love him, though, and don't mind. Thanks for your new blog. I hope that sometime 3 million dogs will get back up so we can talk to all our friends. :)

    1. Hi Lali We love to watch our girls play with their toys. The other day I walked into our bedroom and DixieLee was asleep on the bed and she was cuddling one of her stuffed toys. My heart filled with joy.

      We know all about picking up toys. LOL I wish they were more like their cousin Sophie who actually does put her toys away.


  2. Jasper cuddles sometimes with a toy.
    I know not all dogs are so well trained and Jasper sure is one. I guess that's my fault. LOL!