Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Off To Work We Go

I like working at Paw Pals Boutique. Making gift baskets for pets is interesting work and a lot of fun. Mom was working in the office the other day doing accounting stuff. It sounded really boring until Mom explained that one of the reasons we work is to get monies so we can buy cookies.

I don’t know much about monies but I do know about cookies. At the time, I was reading an article about expensive dog accessories so Mom explained how much the different things cost if we paid in cookies.

For example, we saw a pretty collar that was made up of 52 carats worth of diamonds. Now I like carrots almost as much as cookies but Mom said carats are different from carrots. Then she wonders why I get confused when she says stuff.

Anyway, this pretty collar cost $3.2 million dollars. Mom said you can buy your very own cookie company for that much monies.

I have a pretty purple collar made by Waggsley Muttleston which didn’t cost nearly that much so if we every get $3.2 million dollars, I’ll buy my own cookie company and keep my purple collar.

We also saw a bathtub covered in shiny crystals that cost almost $7,000. I wouldn’t want one of those anyway since I don’t like baths.

I did like the dog house we saw that cost $417,000. It has two bedrooms, a big TV and an automatic food dispenser. We already have a pretty nice house with three bedrooms and a sort of big TV but we sure could use an automatic food dispenser.

There was a $10,000 harness. It was leather and lamb skin. It also had some of those diamond things on it and some 24K gold. It was sort of nice but I like my harness. It’s black and looks stunning against my white coat.

There were some accessories for cats too. There was a nice tree house that cost $999. I guess houses for cats cost a lot less than houses for dogs. I didn’t see where the tree house came with an automatic food dispenser so maybe that’s why it wasn’t as expensive.

We found a dinner bowl that cost $750. It was black and gold. I thought my dinner bowl which is white with different color bones on it was much prettier.

At Paw Pals Boutique we know that every pet needs a few essentials like a collar, harness and a dinner bowl and our To The Rescue gift basket is filled with some or those basics plus a whole lot more (like cookies). And it’s priced way less than $3.2 million.

Love your cookie counting friend,


P.S. Blatant self-promotion. Check out our To The Rescue Gift Basket and other designs at pawpalsboutique.com 

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  1. Hi, Zeva. Those would be extravagant purchases. No way would Jasper like any of those things more than his cookies. LOL! Thanks for the new blog. I enjoyed reading it. Love from Jasper, Meeko and Joshua, too.