Sunday, April 9, 2017

A Job Well Done

Hi everyone. I’m DixieLee, Zeva’s sister. I’m the chief product tester at Paw Pals Boutique so she said I could write the blog this week and tell you about some of the things we put into our pet gift baskets.

I have to admit I don’t know anything about cat things so I’m just going to talk about things dogs like. I’m part hound so I have a good nose for sniffing out the good stuff. Stuff like the all natural yogurt and carob frosted treats made in Vermont. Mom likes them because they are healthy, I like them because they taste awesome.

I also admit that I like all of the treats we use in our gift basket and most of the toys. Zeva likes the squeaky ball kinds of toys while I prefer the ones that are good for playing tug of war.

I like really like the dog bone toys from Smiling Dog Pets. They are hand made from recycled denim and have embroidered words on them. I also like the Zanie unstuffed toys. They are great for playing tug of war.

Sniffing out things to go into our gift baskets is only the beginning. Once we find something, I need to test it to make sure it meets my very strict requirements. I tend to be a little rough on toys so Mom makes the final determination.

Mom is also the one who puts all the toys and treats into the gift baskets. She gets that job because she is the only one that has opposable thumbs which are a big help especially when tying bows.

Zeva and I usually watch very carefully to make sure she puts in enough treats and toys and that she puts in a good variety of each. We also watch in case a package of treats accidentally opens and falls on the floor. It hasn’t happened yet but it’s good to pay attention because you never know.

Zeva said that writing a blog is lots of work and she is right, as usual. I still have to test a new batch of treats but I think I’ll take a short nap first.

Nice to meet you all,


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  1. did a fantastic job. Jasper, Meeko, and Joshua say hello to you and Zeva! Did you know that dogbook and catbook are back? It's about time. Love you and your mama, too.