Wednesday, May 24, 2017

How Do I Love Thee....

My Mom and Dad love me and DixieLee very, very much. We know that by lots of the things they do for us. Things like giving us good food and lots of toys and treats. They talk to us, pet us, give us tushie rubs and even give us kisses but the one thing they don’t do is give us hugs.

Humans like to hug one another. Human hug when they like someone very much. I don’t like to be hugged because when a human hugs you, they make moving away hard to do. In dog language, putting arms (or paws) around someone, it is a sign of dominance. The one doing the hugging is dominate over the one getting the hugs.

I love my Mom and Dad very much. After all, they are members of my pack and pack members love each other. Pack members also keep each other safe.  DixieLee and I make sure Mom and Dad are always safe. We follow them from room to room. If they go into a room and close the door, we guard the door for them.

We make sure they are safe when they sleep. DixieLee sleeps on the bed until Mom and Dad are asleep and then we trade places. I guard from the bed and DixieLee guards from the sofa in the living room. Sleeping is the bestest way that I let Mom know I love her. I sleep on her feet or stretch out and cuddle my whole body on hers.

Touching is the bestest way to let humans know you love them. When we are out walking and stop to talk with other people, I like to lean against Dad’s leg. When Mom sits on the couch and she puts her feet on the table, she makes a nice bridge to walk under. If I stop when walking under her legs, she will rub my tushie or behind my ears.

One of DixieLee’s favorite places to play fight is under Mom’s legs when she is sitting at her computer. She thinks I can’t get her but I can.  Mom laughs because our playing makes her chair roll across the room.

Playing shows love too. We love to get our humans to play with us. I just have to drop a ball at their feet and they will pick it throw it for me. DixieLee likes to play tug of war. I don’t know how she does it but she always manages to end a game of tug of war with Dad with a belly rub.

We miss Mom and Dad when they leave the house and make sure we give them a big welcome when they come home. We know the sounds of their cars and wait at the door for them. We make sure they get lots of wiggles and whines and kisses every time.

Love is a big thing and we have lots of it at our house. What do you do to let your humans know you love them lots?

Your loving friend,


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  1. Hi, Zeva and DixieLee,
    I love my mama very much and follow her from room to room. Sometimes, even the kitties do that. I also bark when Mama leaves the house no matter how long a trip out she makes. Mama likes to hug me and sometimes I let her. It makes her feel good.
    Mama had a fall Saturday night and had to call the paramedics for help up. I would have stayed right with her but she had Uncle Jack take me inside because I would be in the, I just like to make sure Mama is okay.
    I sleep with Mama and so does Meeko. Meeko sleeps at Mama's head and I sleep against Mama's legs or back. Mama says it feels good when my warm body is against her back.
    When Mama comes back, even from a short time I let her know I love her and missed her by dancing around and giving her kisses if she lets me.
    She just left a few minutes to return some dishes to our landlady and take out some trash. She says she was gone maybe ten minutes, but to me, it seemed forever.
    Thanks for the blog helps Mama understand more why I squirm when she hugs me sometimes.
    Love, Jasper.

  2. We are so sorry to hear your Mama had a fall! Falls are very scary as well as hurting. We hope she is doing well.

    I know what you mean about letting your Mom hug you some times. I do too but (for the same reason.... it makes her feel good) but DL doesn't even let her.

    Whenever Mom leaves the house she tells us she loves us and that she will be back soon. If Dad is not home when she leaves, she tell us he will be home soon too. When she is going to work she tells us she is going to make money so she can buy cookies for us. That does make it better but we still miss her.

    We just found out that Fo, the cat who is our guest blogger some times, is a grandmother! Her daughter Alpha had two kittens last night. We are excited for both of them and thought your kitties would like to know.

    Thanks for reading my blog, we love hearing from you.


  3. Hi, Zeva. It's great that Alpha had kittens. Congratulations to Fo and Alpha and Meeko and Joshua are so happy to hear that news, too.
    Mama is healing up good and goes back to the chiro doctor tomorrow so maybe she won't hurt in her hip so bad.
    Thanks for your blogs. We look forward to them.
    Mama gives me my bath tomorrow. That means she will sing to me because I have to have the shampoo on me for ten minutes and Mama sings to make the time go by. Heehee.
    Love, Jasper