Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Who Will Take Care Of Me?

My friend Sadie’s Dad didn’t come home one night.  His heart attacked him and he got died.  It was two whole days before any of his friends found out and she was locked in her house alone for that whole time.

Sadie’s Dad and my Dad are/were bestest friends.  Whenever her Dad went away for long times, my Dad stayed at her house and took care of her.  Sadie and I have been friends since I was a baby.  She would come visit me and I would go visit her.

As soon as Dad found out that she was alone he went right to her house to stay with her.  Sadie doesn’t have a Mom or any family nearby so she didn’t know what was going to happen to her.  She couldn’t live by herself without a human.

Mom said she could come and live with us.  We would just have to get a bigger bed cuz she is a Chocolate Lab and she’s pretty big.

Dad talked with lots of other friends about what to do.  A neighbor lady said she would love to have her come live with them.  She and her husband and Sadie’s Dad were good neighbor/friends and Sadie knows them good.  They live in the real country so Sadie could run free like she is used to. If she came to live with us, she would have to be on leash and get used to the pen.

She is already ten years old and has lived with her Dad since she was born.   Not having him with her is going to be hard for her so the less changes she has to make the easier it will be for her to adjust to her new life.   Dad made sure the neighbor lady had Sadie’s bed and toys and all her medicine.

Mom said it is important that peoples with pets make arrangements “just in case” something happens to them they want to make sure their pets are well taken care of.  Too many pet end up in shelters because their humans get died and there is no one to take them.

Not knowing what happened to your human is really sad and then to be put into a shelter must be so terrible.  I can’t imagine.

Mom said we shouldn’t worry mostly because we have a Mom and a Dad.  She said one of them would always be there for us.   Being a practical Mom, she has a “just in case” card with her license that says “My dogs are home alone.  Please check on them.”  The card has the telephone number of a friend so they know who to call.

We are sad that Sadie doesn’t have her Dad any more but are happy that she will have good people to love her.

Your broken hearted friend,



  1. Hi, Zeva,
    My name is Joshua and I am a cat.
    My daddy had to go to heaven almost two and a half years ago.
    I was lucky that I had Mama and Uncle Jack to take care of me. I had been living here already with Daddy, Uncle Jack, Aunt Carol (before she went to heaven), and Mama since she came to live here with Jasper and Meeko. That was when Lumas' sister, Matea (whose Mama was Aunt Carol), was still with us. Lumas went to the Rainbow bridge two years after Matea and ten days shy of being a year since my daddy went to heaven.
    We all miss Lumas, but not like I've missed my daddy.
    Mama says that Meeko, Jasper and I will have a home with her or Uncle Jack if something happens to her or him. I kind of worry about what would happen if I didn't have either one...and Jasper and Meeko, too. I guess we'd better have them have "that talk".
    I have trouble with warming up to people, but knowing I have Uncle Jack and Mama, I am doing better with them both. I still miss Daddy and guess I always will.
    I'm glad that Sadie had someone who could take her.
    It is very heart-breaking. Thank you for the blog.
    Love, Joshua

  2. Oh Joshua. I am so sorry your daddy had to go to heaven but am glad you have your Mama and Uncle Jack.

    I too am happy that Sadie has a good new home. Dad got a call from you new Dad already. He said she is eating good and slept in their room last night. Dad found her vet papers so they know she is up to date with her shots and they are taking her in to their vet today just for a check up.

    Take care of yourself and Meeko and Jasper too.


  3. Thank you, Zeva. Mama, Jasper, Meeko and I are so glad to hear this about Sadie. And thank you for your kind words. We all love you and DixieLee and your mama. Joshua