Saturday, October 8, 2011

Cats Are People Too

Black cats, because they are associated with witches, are one of the popular Halloween symbols.  Like many symbols, their roots go a long way back.

Superstitions surrounding black cats go way, way back in history. In early Egypt cats were worshipped and you could be killed yourself if you killed a black cat.  Just like today, cats were considered a member of the family and when one died, the family was very sad.

By the 17th century black cats began to be associated with witchcraft and instead of being a good omen, black cats became a bad omen.  It depends on what part of the world you live in because in some countries, like Japan, having a black cat cross your path is considered a good thing while here in the good ol' USA, it is considered bad luck.

Here are some other superstitions about black cats:

It's Good Luck

To own a black cat
Have one greet you at the door
Have one come i to your home
See three black cats in succession
To pet a black cat

It's Bad Luck

To meet a black cat early in the morning
Have a black cat turn its back on you
To walk under a ladder that a black cat has walked underneath.

Because black cats are a popular symbol of Halloween some people think it would be fun to have a black cat of their own so they go to the shelters and get one only to realize that a black cat, like any pet, is a lot of responsibility and they need to be treated with love and respect.

So please, if you are dressing up as a witch for Halloween and want to have a black cat to carry around, get a plush one in the toy department of Walmart or Target.  Plush animals are soft and cuddly but don't need as much LTC as real ones.

Have a Happy Halloween

Your friend

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  1. Hey Zeva,

    You don't know me but my Mom says that you are a friend. She told me about your blog post. I just had to write back! What an absolutely purrrrfect thing to say. Don't be confused by the name at the top. It is me, Blue Sky. I asked Mom to transcribe it for me.

    Who would have known that a dog would have my back? Thank you so much for looking out for my interests! I am a black and white cat. If I were outside, my Mom knows that I would be a scaredy cat. She keeps me inside, same with my sibling kitties. Staying inside is best, for you too, I think. It can be a ruffff world out there.

    I hope you enjoy the holiday from within the confines of your own home! oh. I almost forgot. Stay away from the chocolates that appear every Halloween. I heard that they will make you sick. I want you to be well.

    Take care,

    Blue Sky