Thursday, October 20, 2011

Gourmet Dining With Zeva

Begging is not allowed at our house but human food smells so good I always hang around the kitchen.  After all, something might fall on the floor.  I have to sneak in because I'm not allowed in the kitchen when my humans are working.  They say the kitchen in a dangerous place for pets.  Stoves are hot to touch and even though trash cans smell really good, there can  be very bad things in them like sharp edged tin cans.
Also some human foods are very very bad for pets.  Everyone knows that chocolate is bad  because it contains theobromine.  Thebromine can increased heart rate, overstimulate the central nervous system and constrict arteries.
If you eat theobromine you can suffer from vomiting, diarrhea and hyper behavior.  It can even cause cardiac failure, seizures and death. Baking chocolate is the worst because it contains the highest amount of theobromine.
Your humans should have the telephone numbers of an Animal Emergency Hospital and Poison Control Center written down just in case.
Chocolate is not the only food that is bad for dogs.  Alcohol and hops (don't drink your dad's beer!), bread dough, milk, onions, tomatoes, citrus fruits, raisins, grapes, caffeine.  The list is so long it's just easier to remember to eat only good nutritious pet food.  Maybe that's why begging is not allowed in our house.
Stay safe,
Your friend,


  1. ZEva, MILK is dangerous to dogs? Really? And bread or just bread dough, cuz i love toast.
    Ur Indian friend, Bumo

  2. I never heard that milk was bad for dogs so I checked and found this article

    I think it's the yeast stuff in bread dough that is bad and some dogs are gluten intolerant so any grain is bad for them. I'm not gluten intolerant but my humans make sure my dog food is grain free. After all, we are carnivours and should be eating mostly meat.

    One of my friends gets home made food. Her humans grind up raw chicken and veggies like carrots. That's the best. I sometimes get raw chicken legs. Cooked chicken bones are very very bad cuz they splinter but raw if awesome.

    My humans don't like me to have any people food cuz my food is supposed to make my diet balanced and people food will make be fat. So I wait in the kitchen just in case something falls on the floor. I don't have much luck but I keep waiting.


  3. Hi Zeva,

    I read that article u mentioned. No, neither I nor Miu is lactose intolerant. But I HATE milk while Miu loves.

    We also don't have gluten allergy. Mama feed us chicken and rice everyday and sometime salami (plain) with rice. We simply LUV it!

    At other times we have flatbreads we call chappatti, and toast for snacking. And there are treats of course when we r gud girls.

    I don't much like human food, tho' Miu loves it. If you leave ur coffee cup lying around she will have her snout in it. Mama scolds her for that. I love cauliflower and potatoes tho'.

  4. You're lucky you get to have human food. I love chicken and toast sounds wonderful especially if there's lots of butter or peanut butter on it.

    Mom says I'm getting a little "chunky" so I can't have any human food for awhile and less dog snacks too. I don't think I need to eat less, I think I need more exercise. I should get to go for more walks and play more fetch.


  5. hello pawpal,

    how come i don't c u on dog book off late? U don't look the least bit chunky in ur pic, tho' i am sure ur mama knows best :-)

    we also need more exercise. our breeds don't play fetch. So it's gamboling in the garden or walks for us. mama found a nice stretch to walk us, but is is raining off and on. Will have to wait for dry days to explore the stretch.

    Lots of luv from me and Miu

  6. Hello!

    My grandma had an operation so Mom has been visiting her a lot leaving me to run the business so I haven't had time to socialize as much as I like.


  7. Awww! I am really sorry to hear that ur grandma is not well. Miu, Priya mama and I wish her a speedy recovery. Looking forward to more blogs from u.

  8. Hiya Zeva,
    Hope ur nana is better. Today I want to tell u about a very naughty thing I did in the kitchen. Mama had cooked chicken for us and set it aside to cool. She was careful not to set it near the edge, but she miscalculated as to how LONG a dog I was from snout to tail. (I come upto her ears when I stand on my hind legs). I merrily fished out a couple of pieces whenshe was not looking and swallowed them whole. OUCH! They burned my mouth and gullet!!! I started throwing up, but the damn pieces were in my tum-tum. Couldn't stop vomiting. Mama got so scared she got the vet over immediately. He gave me some shots to calm down and some anti biotics for the mouth blisters. Was I scared! But I think Mama was more scared than I was. I got a good scolding from her! Yes, kitchens are indeed dangerous.

  9. Oh my!

    I bet your mama was scared. They get all upset when we throw up. And you burned your mouth too! Hope you learned your lesson and don't do that again. Although, chicken can be very tempting....

    Thank you, my grandma is doing very well. She is really old (88) and had a colon cancer removed but she had the best doctor ever and she is 99.9% better already. Mom keeps telling her to slow down but she hates having to rely on others and wants to do everything for herself.

    I hope my Mom grows up to be just like her.

    Your friend

  10. Hi Zeva,

    We r very glad to hear that ur grandma is doing well. We wish her a speedy total recovery. She sounds like a very strong lady. Hope all of us grow to be like her. Miu and I wish we had a grandma :-(