Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fashionista Dog

I am very beautiful, everyone says so.  When I go out I wear my pretty purple halter with my pink leash.  My new collar is also pink and I've started wearing colorful bandannas to work.  Being white I can wear any color, after all, anything goes with white.  I have a wonderful fur coat that keeps we very warm in the winter and since I am part Labrador, I don't mind the rain.

I do have lots of little friends with short hair who mind the cold. We live in New England so it is starting to get chilly.  A friend of my Mom's introduced us to a nice lady named Gigi who makes the cutest dog coats, hats, raincoats and all kinds of pet apparel.

If you want your dog to look "spectacular" and not just be warm and dry,  check out and tell them Zeva the Dancing Dog sent you.

While you're surfing don't forget to check out my website You can read more of my blogs and see our full line of pet gift baskets.  I'm the manager of the pet gifts department.  My goal is to develop a line of the best pet gift baskets on the web so your feedback would be appreciated.

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