Wednesday, August 1, 2012

To Your Health!

I'm used to getting emails, after all, I am a very savvy dog when it comes to the internet, but today when we opened the mail box, there was a post card for me.  It was from my vet. 

It's time for my annual physical.  I'm going to get to stand on the scale and show Mom I'm not gaining weight.  Then Dr. Nancy will look in my eyes and ears with that funny light.  She said I'm also going to have a test.  I don't think it is the kind I can study for.  It's a test to check for heartworm and other nasty things that could make me sick.

Then, if all the tests come back saying I'm good to go, I will have to get some shots.  I don't mind shots but my Mom wonders sometimes if I get too many shots.  We have to have rabies shots.  It's the law.

I also get a Lyme shot cuz, even though this year hasn't been bad, we have those nasty ticks near our house.   My Mom and one of the dogs who lived here before both got Lyme disease so we are very careful.  We do buggy checks whenever we walk in the woods and when we work in the yard and I get my FrontLine every month.

Mom says she would prefer not to put chemicals on me but until she can find something that works just as good and is easy to use, we need to. If you know a better way, we'd be interested.

I'm looking forward to my having my check up because everyone at the office is so nice and they all tell me how good I am.  Visiting the doctor when you're not sick is not so bad and regular check ups are very important to staying healthy.

If you haven't had a annual physical yet this year, make an appointment soon so you can stay healthy too.

Your friend,


P.S. Shameless self promotion.  I'm very excited that one of my Dog Gone It! gift baskets is going to go to another country.


  1. Hey Zeva,
    which country is ur basket going to?
    We are getting our physical next week. Our deworming is due.

  2. Hi Bumo

    The gift basket is going to British Columbia in Canada. British Columbia is near the Pacific Ocean and we are near the Atlantic Ocean so it is going to be traveling a long way.

    You mom takes good care of you but deworming sounds yucky! I hope your vet give you yummy treats for being good.

    Kisses to Miu.



  3. Hi Zeva,

    Wow. Coast to coast! Congratulations! Mama was thinking about ordering one, but she is not sure about customs regulations regarding perishables etc.

    Deworming isn't so bad. Our vet alternates oral doses with vaccinations every 3 months. We r quite worm free cos mama is careful about what she feeds us. This is just in case cos the rainy monsoon season can give rise to many problems.


    1. Good Morning Bumo

      I got dewormed when I was a baby but cuz our area is pretty clean, I don't have to do it unless I get worms from some place.

      I can see monsoon rain causing problems. I drank some dirty water once and got real sick so I had to take pills.

      We used to send our gift baskets to lots of other countries. Mom is really good at reading about what can't go to certain places but shipping got so expensive that sometimes it costs more to send something than it costs to buy it.

      The one we sent to Canada didn't have any treats in it cuz they would be considered "food" so we just added some more toys. We're keeping our paws crossed that the package arrives safely.

      Your friend