Thursday, September 27, 2012

Dining With Zeva

I just saw another post listing names of dog treats coming out of China that may be causing dogs to become sick or even died!  The list is getting longer and longer.

My mom tries to buy only good treats for me, made in the USA, that we can get at the pet food store, not at the supermarket.  We buy my regular food from the pet food store too. Our pet food store is called Dave's Soda and Pet City.  Dave and his people know a lot about pets and they help Mom find the food that is best for me.  Buying really good food at the pet food store costs a little more but, hey, I'm worth it!

Anyway, Mom recently changed my food again and boy, am I glad she did!  I like my old food but I LOVE my new food.  To me, it's all about the taste but to Mom, it's about keeping me healthy.  She recently switched me to Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream cuz I have dry skin and she's hoping the good salmon and other omega stuff will help.

Mom reads labels on all the food that we buy, canine and human, and she knows that the first word listed is what is most in the food.  Can you believe Salmon is the first word on the label for my new food.  Salmon is soooooo yummy.  Just ask any bear.

Also near the top of the list is sweet potato (another yummy food).  A little farther down are tomatoes, blueberries, raspberries!  Of course there are the vitamins and mineral stuff too but no grain.  Lots of dogs are allergic to grains and even if I'm not allergic, I would rather have real meat and salmon than soy meal.

Do you know what is in some dog food.  Meat by products.  I looked up what meat by products are and yuck!!!!

Meat by products are anything that is not strictly speaking meat (like liver, spleen, bone, blood, cleaned/washed intestines, brain, lungs, etc.) but does not include questionable items like feathers, hoofs, hair, horns teeth, etc.
I'm glad my Mom gets me food with stuff like salmon and sweet potato in it and not stuff like intestines and brains!

Some day I may get Mom to make food for me at home like some of friends humans do, but for now, I'm totally happy, except I could use an extra cup or two every day.

What dog food do you eat and what do you like best about it?

Bone appetite,
Your friend,

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  1. Hiya Zeva,
    Ur Mom must love u very much. She is so particular about ur food! Our mama tried out all kinds of petfood (Pedigree and what not) but we just didn't like it. Then mama tried fresh chicken and rice and variations of that. You should see our bowls after meals now. They look as if we washed them clean after eating!!! In addition to that we get fed toast with peanut butter, macaroni, eggs, cheese, roti (flat unleavened bread) and cottage cheese and fabulous treats and biscuits that contain omega acids and all the other good stuff. We also like cauliflowers and potatoes a lot. YUMMMM!
    Do you think we are doing okay?
    ur Indian pawpals,
    Bumo and Miu

  2. Wow! Can I come to your house for dinner? Wish Mom would cook chicken and rice for me and peanut butter toast, heaven. I do get an egg once in a while and I also love cauliflowers and potatoes too, especially sweet potatoes. Some of my lucky friends get a home made raw diet of chicken and veggies which they say is very healthy. Your diet is chicken and veggies and stuff so I think your diet is excellent.

    Mom says she doesn't even cook for herself so I shouldn't expect much in the way of home cooking. Dad likes to cook (and make the kitchen messy) but his cooking is way tooooo spicy for dogs (and Moms). So, I get store bought food.

    We switched my food again. I now eat Taste of the Wild salmon flavor and it is soooo delicious. We switched cuz salmon oil is good for the itchies and my skin and coat. Having no itchies, good skin and a shiny coat is important but the taste is what matters to me.

    Writing about food has made me hungry. I'm going to see if I can get a treat out of Mom. If that fails, I'll try Dad.

    Bon appitite,

    Your friend,