Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mom's Gone To The Dogs

My Mom took a test today and found out that she is a Dogaholic. 

Here are a few things she found that confirmed she needs help and that I am a very spoiled dog. (Like that's a bad thing....)
  1. My crate is in the living room and Dad uses it as an end table.
  2. The new living room carpet is gray because gray doesn't show my dog hair or the dirt I track in as quickly as some other colors.
  3. My humans bought their 4 Runner because there were two dogs living here back then and they wanted the dogs to be comfortable.
  4. All of Mom's jackets have treats and poop bags in the pockets.
  5. Mom knows the names of all the neighborhood dogs but not their humans.
  6. Some weeks Mom spends more in the Pet Food Store than in the grocery store.
  7. My name gets added to all greeting cards we send.
and maybe the biggest one, I have my own business cards.

Is your favorite human a Dogaholic? How can you tell?

Your friend,


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