Friday, September 21, 2012

Road Trip Safety Tips

Hey Everyone!

Doing a little catch up. My humans and I took a day off this week and drove up to the White Mountains Region of New Hampshire. It was sooo much fun. Before we left, Mom and I made sure I had everything I needed to have a good trip.

Here are some things your humans can do to make sure you are safe and have fun on your next trip.

1. Safety is Number One. It was a long ride but it was so pretty I sat up the whole way looking out of the window. We always drive with the window closed, or only open a little bit so I can’t stick my head out. We don’t want me to get dirt or buggies in my eyes.

Dogs always should ride in the back seat or the way back of an SUV and never in the open back of a pick up truck. Some humans let their dogs sit on their laps while they drive. I’m too big to sit on anyone’s lap but even if you are a small dog, it is a dangerous way to ride.

Crates or seat belts for dogs are also a good idea, especially for active dogs.

Don’t stay in the car alone cuz you could get too hot or too cold depending on what time of year you are traveling. Too hot or too cold could make you sick or died. It was a beautiful day, not hot, not cold but still, whenever we stopped for something, someone stayed with me in the car. I think Dad was happy cuz he doesn’t really like shopping stuff.

2. Do some test drives if you don‘t ride often. Since I help Mom deliver our gift baskets, I ride in the car all the time and we go to lots of places so we know I don’t get car sick. If you’re not used to riding in the car and your humans want to take you on a big ride, they should take you on some short rides first so you can get used to it.

We don’t like to take meds but if you don’t like riding in a car and get sick all the time, check with your vet or someone in at your pet store. There are meds to help you not be sick. Car rides are fun, being sick is not.

3. Like all good Dog Scouts, be prepared. For this long trip, we packed my daypack. It’s a little back pack that I can carry myself. I made sure I had my collapsible bowl and some bottled water, my halter and leash, poop bags and of course extra cookies. I ate breakfast a couple of hours before we left and we were going to be home by supper time so we didn’t take any of my trail meals.

I’m not taking any meds but if I were, we would take them along too.

Mom put my microchip information in her wallet and we made sure I had all of my tags. Mom always has a bunch of pictures of me on her phone but if she didn’t she would bring along a photo. We do all of this just in case my humans get lost. I wouldn’t be able to find my way home without help so we make sure we have everything I need to help me get back home safely.

I had so much fun, I’m ready for our next road trip! How about you? Have you had a good road trip lately?

Your travelin’ friend,



  1. Harrooo mate! Those are really good points. Especially about seat belts. My little brofur Nanük wears a seatbelt because he is all over the place without one. Isis and I sit pretty quietly so pops usually doesn't make us wear ours. We've also had the Toyota dealer permanently unhook the airbag in the passenger side front seat because that's where Nukie rides when all three of us are in the car. Play bows,


    1. Your Pops is a brave man. Taking 3 dogs for car rides could get interesting but you guys seem to have it all worked out.

      Before me our house had two dogs. One used to like to stretch out and sleep when riding. That's why my Mom got a Toyota 4 Runner. She said it has the most dog room.

      Keep on truckin'