Tuesday, March 13, 2012

How Much Exercise Does A Dog Need?

How much exercise does a dog need?  The answer is, it depends.  It depends on the age and breed of the dog.  Puppies need lots of exercise while older dogs may not need much.  Like humans, dogs need to exercise every day.  Thirty to sixty minutes a day is a good average.
I come from a long line of working dogs.  I am part Border Collie so many of my cousins work on ranches and farms, herding sheep and cattle.  Some of my other cousins are Labradors who spend their time hunting birds.  They work hard and get plenty of exercise. 
My job as product tester for the pet division of our gift basket company and greeter at our store keeps me inside most days so we make sure that I get some type of exercise every day.  When we can't go for long walks, we play inside.  We play catch, fetch, tug-of-war and hide and seek.  I have dogs friends that I get to play with too.  We play in our yards or at the dog park.  I really like it when I get to go to day care and spend a whole day playing with all of the other dogs.  I am so tired after a day at day care, I fall asleep on the way home.
When dogs don't get enough exercise we find ways to entertain ourselves that can get us in trouble.  We find fun things to do like chew on shoes or furniture or dig holes or bark a lot.
Remember, a tired dog is a good dog so help your dog get lots of exercise every day.
How much exercise do you get every day?
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