Friday, March 30, 2012

What's In Your Bowl?

You've heard about the chicken jerky snacks coming in from China that are making dogs sick and evening making some die.   Boy, that's scary. I understand that every once in awhile an alert goes out and some dog foods are taken away because they have bad chemicals in them.
I have been eating Wellness brand food since I was a baby and I like it well enough.  I would prefer people food or dog cookies but I don't get a vote.   Mom thinks I'm getting a little chunky.  I am so insulted that she thinks I have a fat butt!   Anyway, since SHE thinks I am putting on weight, she  put me on Wellness Core grain free.
 How can anything that tastes this good be good for you?  I LOVE IT!  It tastes like our kitchen smells on Sundays when the humans roast chickens and other good stuff for their dinner.  Breakfast at the Studio or dinner at home, as soon as my dish is full, I'm all over it.
Mom likes it because it's grain free and has good stuff in it like deboned turkey and chicken meal and some other great stuff like sweet potato and my favorite vegetable, broccoli.  There's also some antioxidants, phylonutrients and Omega 6 & 3.  I'm not sure what an antioxidant looks like but it sure is good tasting.
Mom says raw or home cooked is best but since she is not a great cook and does have lots of other things to do to make us have a happy life, we try to feed me the best we can.
If you eat dry food, what brand do you get?   I'm always looking for tasty, high quality food just in case I get to be a finicky eater.
Chow down!
Your friend,

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