Sunday, March 18, 2012

Thought I Was Going Bald!

I'm shedding!  What a relief!  My hair was falling out and I was afraid I was going to be bald like my friend Jason.  Jason is a human and bald looks good on him but I've seen pictures of Xoloitzcuintli and I think I look better with my pretty white coat.
Shedding means that I'm losing my heavy winter coat and my shorter, lighter summer coat is coming in.  I'll shed again in the fall when my summer coat will be replaced with a warmer one for winter.
Seasonal shedding is normal for many breeds but some kinds of shedding are not good.  Non seasonal shedding can be caused by skin allergies, parasites or from not eating healthy.  Your vet can tell if you have allergies or parasites and help you get better.
Brushing and combing gets the hair before it gets on the floor or furniture and also helps spread good oils into the coat to make it shiny.  My humans like to brush and comb me so I don't go to the groomer like some of my friends.  Groomers also give baths.  If you don't go to the groomer, you can enjoy a SPA treatment at home like I do with one of my Spot's SPA Gift Baskets.  It has everything for a nice afternoon of pampering.
Spring is here and if shedding is what it takes to get our new summer coats, it's well worth it.
Happy Spring Shedding,
Your Friend,

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