Friday, August 31, 2012

Driving Ms. Zeva

One of the things I like most about my job is that I get to go with Mom when we have errands and when we deliver our gift baskets.  I ride in the back seat of our SUV right behind Mom.  I have AC and heat so that I don’t cook in the summer or freeze in the winter.  I get left alone for minutes when Mom has to go into a store, but NEVER when it is too hot outside.  In the winter, I even have extra blankets to snuggle in if I want.
I like sitting behind Mom because I can look out the window.  I like smelling the air as we drive.  I can smell the trees and animal as we drive through the wooded areas and even the not so pleasant smells when we drive through the cities.
I like to have the window open so I can smell better.  Mom only opens it enough for me to stick my nose out of but too small for me to stick my head out of, and when I am left alone in the car, the window is only open a couple of inches.
My safety is important to my humans.  And I bet if you are reading this blog, your safety is very important to your humans too.  Obviously, a dog that gets to use to the family computer is very well taken care of.
That’s why I’m wondering why some people think they know better than our humans how to treat us.  Some places have laws that say that we have to wear seat belts.  And now they are trying to say we can’t stick our noses out of the window!  Well, technically, they are trying to say we can't stick our heads out of the window because we could be hurt.  We could get buggies in our eyes or even get smacked by a branch or something hard if our humans aren’t careful.
If we are driving through some states, like New Jersey, my Mom could have to pay the policeman $1000 because I am not wearing a seat belt!?  Yes, if our humans get our car crashed, we could be very hurt or died.  And it probably isn’t safe for a dog to sit in their humans lap while the human is driving.  But come on.
 Isn't it better to let humans know the dangers of letting their dogs stick their heads out of windows or letting them sit in their lap than to make a law?  Look at all of the information that came out this summer about not leaving dogs in the car when it's too hot.  People who didn't know about how bad it is learned and now they won't leave their dogs alone to be died.
Those people who think up these laws mean well I’m sure but why aren’t they working harder to protect those dogs that don’t have good humans taking care of them.  The dogs that are made to be in dog fights, the dogs used as bait to train fighting dogs, or the dogs kept in puppy mills.  These are the dogs that need to be rescued and protected.  Not dogs like me who ride around in nice SUV’s and live with humans who try their best to keep us safe.
I would be interested in hearing about your car riding experiences and how you feel about mandatory seat belts for dogs.
Your friend,
P.S. Shameless self promotion.  Here is the sign that hangs on our door.  I think it says it all.  Every dog should have one of these.


  1. Hiya Zeva,

    We totally agree that our humans should be the ones who know what is best for us. Unfortunately for us , both of us do not take well to car rides. Miu gets car sick, and I get very agitated. Mama tells us that the dog that she had before us, Waldo, used to like sticking his nose out, much like you. He enjoyed the wind and the smells and got very excited on seeing cows on the road :-)

    The law makers in your country mean well I am sure. Here in India we have no seat belt laws for dogs, so no fines.

    On a sadder note, we will b on facebook only off and on from home :-( Do you have an email ID where we can write to you? Do give it us. Also say hi to us to Max, Tillie Audriana, Nakita Boo Boo, and Max for us, and tell them we have been firewalled. You can all continue to write on our pages cause we get those messages forwarded to our gmail inbox.

    Hope ur itchies are better now with all that benadryl, and wild salmon oil. Get well soon! How was the Labor Day weekend?

    Ur pawpals,
    Bumo and Miu

    1. I'm sad you won't be on DogBook much. I like reading what you say to other dogs too! I don't have a personal email address YET.... So you can email me at the company which is I'm there all the time so I'll get your messages.

      My Dad got retired on September 1 so he is going to be home with me all the time now. I am soooo exicited. I'll get to ride in his truck more as well as Mom's car. I will be a travellin' dog!

      Take care of yourselves and talk with you soon

      Your friend,