Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Should I Stay or Should I Go Part 2

We go to day care at a facility that offers boarding. Since we already know the place and the people, staying for a longer time would not be so bad.  If you don’t already have first paw knowledge about a kennel, ask your vet or a friend if they know a good one.

 I told you last week that Mom and Dad are going away for a vacation soon and we can’t go with them. They take very good care of us so it is important that we have someone who can take very good care of us while we are away. 

Last week we investigated having a pet sitter come and stay at our house.  Today we are going to investigate going to a boarding kennel.

When our humans go away it is very stressful for us so we need to know that we will be taken care of.  Hey, I’m a dog, the world does revolve around me.

So, if Mom and Dad choose to bring us to a boarding kennel, how do we know we found a good one?

The first step is asking people you trust to recommend a kennel.  about a boarding kennel you should ask friends, neighbors and of course your vet for referrals.

Your humans should visit the kennel.  While they are there, they should look to see:

1.         Is the kennel clean?  Does it look and smell clean?

2.         Is it comfortable?  Is there enough light, is it warm enough or cool enough, how abou ventilation?

3.         Are the staff attentive and caring?

4.         Are all pets required to be up to date with vaccinations, including kennel cough?

5.         Is the kennel area adequate for the size of the dog?  That means inside and outside. 

6.         Is there adequate exercise included in the daily schedule?

7.         What about the feeding schedule?  And treats?

8.         How are medications handled?

9.         Does the kennel have access to emergency veterinary care?

10.       What other services are available?  Grooming, etc.

We like going to day care so I guess if we had to stay overnight, it would be okay.

Many of our friends commented on last week’s blog saying they got to stay at a friend’s house or that a pet sitter got to stay at their house.  They liked the care they got and recommended in house sitting.

We would love to hear about their experiences from dogs who stay at boarding kennels when their humans are away.


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  1. Hey Marie, Z, DL, what happened? Ramona didn't work out and its the shelter again?

  2. No, this is the just the second part of the series. Ramona is coming over again tonight to spend time with the dogs without Vic or I being there. We're sure everyone will be fine.

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