Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Should I stay or should I go....

It’s never happened before.  Mom and Dad are going in the car and are going to be gone for a long, long time and this time we can’t go with them.

We have a big decision to make.  Do we get someone to live with us at our house or do we go to our doggie day care and stay over nights too?  This week I am going to investigate pet sitters and next week I am going to check out kennels.  After that, I should be able to decide which is best for DixieLee and me.  Wish me luck.

First of all, how do you find a pet sitter?  The internet is a good place to start.  We found the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters.  A professional pet sitter is a good choice because they have training and a code of ethics which means they are good people.

There are different kinds of pet sitters.  We have one who will come to the house and feed us twice a day but we want one that will stay with us during the day and at night too.

Since we haven’t lived here very long, we don’t know lots of people. At our other house we knew all kinds of people who worked with dogs that we could ask.  Since we don’t know lots of people at our new house be we do know our vet and our friends at the local humane society. They were very helpful.

Our vet told us about a woman who used to work at the clinic.  She said she was good with animals and might be able to help
We like the idea of having someone come live with us.  We like our house with our beds and yard.  We have a routine.  We know where we sleep and when we eat.  If someone is staying at our house, they will be able to let us in and out anytime we want.  We would be on our schedule, not the kennels and we like that.

We have to meet her to see if we like each other.  She bakes her own peanut butter cookies so I’m thinking I already like her.

Some things that are important to know.

1.  What kind of training does she have?

2.  Is she associated with a vet in case one of us gets hurt or sick?

3.  Is she bonded?

Mom talked with our neighbors and told them that we are going away and someone will be staying at our house.  Mom asked them to keep an on us and help if our sitter needed any.

DixieLee and I like the idea of having someone stay at our house but there are other options that we are going to explore next week.  Stay tuned and if you have an opinion, let us know.  We value and appreciate your input.



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  1. We definitely root for a sitter, especially since DL has just recovered form Kennel Cough. All the best! P, B and M

    1. Hi Priya. We like having someone stay at our house better too but finding the right person can be difficult. You know DixieLee doesn't like many people. Lots of people ask a friend or neighbor to sit but for us it is important that we have someone who is trained with dogs. I think we found a good person. Did I mention that she bakes peanut butter cookies?
      Hugs and kisses to you and the girls.

  2. I know two people (well, my best friend who passed away a year ago) who were pet sitters. If you can get one that you can trust, you should do good. Another friend takes her dog where she knows the people who run the kennel and they love her Koufax very much. Hope your mama can make the right decision for you and DixieLee, Zeva dear.

    1. Thanks Lali. Although we like going to our kennel for day care we would rather stay at home with a pet sitter. We think we found one who was recommended by our vet. We interviewed her and she brought lots of home made peanut butter cookies! We vote for her!

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  4. Thank You. I'm glad you like my blog. Your day care looks like a fun place and I'm sure we would get to play with lots of nice dogs. We would like to go but Mom says it is too far away.