Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Sisters Share Secrets

Trying to look innocent. 

Hi Everyone

I'm Zeva's Mom, Marie. She's letting me write her blog this week. If you know Zeva, you know it's a big deal because she loves to talk.

And talking is what this blog is about. A few weeks ago, Zeva wrote a blog entitled “Are You Talking To Me?” in which she talks about how dogs communicate. Well, it seems she may have kept a few “facts” out of her blog.

She talks about how dogs communicate by using their tails and ears etc but I don't think she is telling the whole story. If you've seen the movie The Secret Life Of Pets you know they are not as innocent as they would like us to believe.

Take for instance what happened at our house the other day. DixieLee, Zeva's sister, hasn't had a very good summer. She had a liver infection that had her down for a full month and the other day she started feeling poorly again. Now, they are usually pretty independent, but we noticed that Zeva was hovering over DixieLee all day.

It took us humans another day to realize DixieLee was not feeling well. Luckily we were able to get her a vet appointment right away. The whole time I was getting DixieLee ready to go Zeva would not leave her sister's side. It took a big cookie bribe to get her to let me take DixieLee away while Vic stayed home with her.

I had noticed an unusual behavior before but it seemed to have gotten more and more frequent. The two of them stand nose to nose for a few seconds and then take off together. I understand that when Zeva hits DixieLee on the head with her paw it means she wants to play but there are times when they just look at each other and simultaneously bolt for the door to the pen where they launch into an energetic game of tag or out on the porch to watch for the mailperson.

The minute we returned from the vet Zeva met DixieLee at the door and it sure looked like she was asking DL how things went. I'm sure DixieLee told Zeva about how horrible it was having her temperature taken and thankfully that was the worst part of the visit.   Bottom line, we got some meds and she should be fine in a few days.

I know that we project human characteristics to our pets but I swear they are tele communicating or using some sort of Vulcan mind meld.

I'd be interested in knowing if parents in other multi pet households find their pets communicating in mysterious ways.


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