Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Walk In The Park - Then and Now

Today we went for a big walk in a park I never visited before. It’s not a dog park where dogs can run free.   This park has lots of signs reminding people that dogs have to stay on their leashes and to make sure to pick up any poop.  That’s okay cuz it is a very pretty park with lots of different kinds of trees and flowers. There are lots of roads and paths and benches to sit on.

While we were walking, Mom told me a story.  She told me about how different things were for dogs a long, long time ago in the 1970’s.   I like history and this was about dogs so I paid very close attention.   She  said when she was young and working in the city, she lived not far from this park but said she didn’t bring her then dog (her name was Nico) to this park very often.

Mom said back then, the laws about dogs and leashes were much less strict and people were much more dog friendly.  She said she and Nico could  go for walks anywhere, and they didn't have only certain parks where dogs were welcome like they do today.  Nico could even go outside of their house by herself without being fenced in.  If Mom wanted to go into a store for a minute, Nico could sit by the door and wait. Mom didn’t worry about anything bad happening.  Today, she doesn’t let me off of my leash or out of her sight.

It was interesting learning about the olden days and I sort of wish I could run around with my friends any time I wanted, but I’m glad that I have humans who care about me and want to keep me safe.

I’m also glad that more humans, like my Mom and her friends, are getting together to make sure that the rules that get made about dogs are fair for all dogs and that all dogs are treated well, especially dogs who don’t have furever homes with loving humans. 

When people hurt dogs, they need to be punished a whole lot.  It makes me so sad when I see how badly dogs are hurt by horrible people. And the law shouldn’t say a dog is bad and can be killed because of how it looks.

We are lucky to have humans who love us and take care of us but we need to make sure our humans keep looking out for and try to help dogs who aren’t so lucky.

Your friend,





  1. Hiya Zeva,
    Even India isn't safe for us doggies.You want to hear something funny? In the villages around were we live people think we are dobermans (mostly because Miu has that colouring), and there is a great demand for them. Mama is always scared for us.
    Your pawpal,

    1. No place is safe for dogs any more. Bad people steal dogs to use as bait to train dogs to fight and kill other dogs. These bad people beat the dogs and starve them and do all kinds of horrible things to them. Makes me so mad I cry.

      And some of the "nice" people are no better. In some cities they have laws that say you can't be a Pit Bull cuz all Pit Bulls are bad and they have to be killed.

      Mom says back in the olden days, those "nice" people thought all Dobermans were mean. What is wrong with people?

      Dogs should be the judges of everyone. They can smell a good dog from a bad dog and a good human from a bad human.
      If dogs took over everything would be fine.

      Your friend

  2. Oh we agree with u there. The world would be a great place if we ran it! We DO know better.
    Bumo and Miu