Saturday, August 11, 2012

Dogs With Opposible Thumbs

I am a very socially media savvy dog.  I have a Twitter account @zevathedog, I am a guest blogger on our company blog and of course I write this blog.  I follow tons of other dog’s blogs and spend time on several pet sites like and DogBook ( a FaceBook app). Pinterest has a whole section about animals and I love to pin stuff from there onto our DogsRule board.
Anyhow… I was on DogBook today and realized that there are thousands of dogs on that site alone.   There are dogs from all over the world who share photos and stories. 
There are hundreds of pet blogs on the internet too.   These blogs cover all sorts of interesting topics.   There are blogs about pet health and welfare, reviews of new products, warnings when a product is recalled or dangerous and even blogs that inform and campaign for pet’s rights.  The dogs who write them are very, very smart.
 I got to thinking… all those dogs with internet access… imagine what we could do if we all got together. 
I had to stop and take a nap because my head started hurting.  I could think of so many things we could do but then I got confused.  What would we do first?
So friends, what do you think?  If all of the dogs on the internet got together, what, of all the important things we could do should we do first?
While you think about it, the first thing I am going to do is get a treat and take another nap. This saving the world thing is very exhausting.
Dogs Rule!!!!
Your friend,
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  1. Hey Zeva, I too is a socially dog and has a Twitter and Instagram @furrycotton a facebook :)
    Nowadays dogs are really on the internet more!

    1. Hi Cotton
      WOW you sure do know lots of dogs on the internet! I can see how you got your name. BOL
      And you write a blog too. I liked your story about Cow Cow. It's a tough world out there and stuff happens.
      Hope to see more of you around the web and maybe someday we can get together and solve the worlds problems over a nice bone.
      Your newest friend,