Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dog Tags - Don't Leave Home With Out Them

I live in Western Massachusetts.  It's a beautiful area of the country and usually pretty quiet. This past summer however we had some very bad weather.  Seriously bad weather, like a couple of tornadoes and a hurricane.  Lots of homes were damaged and families had to flee their neighborhoods.  In all the confusion, some pets got separated from their humans.

Most of them were very lucky.  They ended up at the local shelters which were prepared for such emergencies.  Many were reunited with their families quickly because they were wearing their id tags and/or had micro chips.   I always wear my tags but I know collars can come loose and fall off so I am happy I have a micro chip.

Pets get lost every day and getting lost is scary for pets.  Humans can do lots of things to help keep their pets safe.  Make sure all doors, windows and gates are well closed .  I know I get distracted and if I was not fenced in my yard, it would be easy to wander far  from my house.  I don't get left in a car very long and never in hot weather.  When I am locked in the car, the window is open just a little so I have fresh air but not enough for me to wiggle out of.  The only time I am off leash when we are out is when I am at the park with my friends and my humans keep a close watch on me all the time.

Making sure your pets always wear their tags is important so that if they do get lost, they have a better chance of being returned home quickly.

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