Saturday, October 26, 2019

Will Do Tricks For Treats

Kids like treats, but so do dogs.  I am willing to do a trick, like “sit”, but I am NOT willing to let Mom put a silly costume on me no matter how many treats are involved.

I know that some dogs (and cats) like to play dress up with their humans.  If you like wearing a costume, make sure it fits good and is safe.  Costumes that tie around the neck can choke a pet if it is too tight and costumes that drag on the ground can trip you.

 Wearing our collars and a kerchief are as far as DixieLee and I are willing to go.  It took DL a long time before she would stand still enough so Dad could put a kerchief on but the treats won out.  Also being told how pretty she looks helped.

Today we are wearing our Halloween kerchiefs. Mine is black with orange pumpkins, DL’s is purple with green ghosts. Pretty scary stuff!

Speaking of scary… Halloween is really scary.  It’s really scary when strangers come to my house and want treats!  Strangers that don’t even look like peoples!  I don’t particularly like sharing my treats.  It took me a long time to even think sharing treats with DL was okay.

Mom understands so she buys special treats for the scary strangers.  She buys them really good treats so they will be happy and not come back.  She says everyone likes chocolate so that’s what she gives the strangers.

Everyone might LIKE chocolate and I bet dogs would like it too, except chocolate is very, very bad for dogs.  Chocolate can be so bad it can make a dog died! So if you also give chocolate treats to the scary peoples who come to your house, make extra sure you keep the chocolate where dogs can’t get to it.

So, have fun but be safe

Happy Halloween Everyone!


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