Saturday, September 22, 2018

Don't Forget Us

It has been a week since Hurricane Florence made so many people have to run away from their homes.  We are so sad seeing that some peoples left their pets behind.  Thankfully there are other peoples who went in and saved them.

We have talked before about having a Pet Emergency Evacuation Plan.  It’s not super easy but with planning it’s not so hard to take dogs and cats and birds in your car and drive to safety.  We talk about making sure you have enough food and water and other things your pet will need but what do you do about horses or other farm animals?

Not everyone who has a horse or cows have trailers and not many horses will fit in the back seat of a car.  And where would you put all the hay and stuff?

 That doesn’t mean you should just leave them behind.  There are many things you can do to make sure they are safe too.

What to do depends on what the emergency is.  There are “emergencies” that don’t mean you have to leave your house but are still dangerous.  At these times you need to know if your animals are safer in a barn or out in a field.  But, if it is not safe for you to stay, it isn’t safe for your animals either.

The Humane Society website has lots and lots of information about what to do in the different kinds of emergencies.  If you have a large animal or know someone who does, please share the information with them.  No one wants to see their animals hurt but may not know what to do.   Knowing what to do ahead of time can avoid needless suffering.

We hope you never have an emergency evacuation but please take a minute to make sure you know how to protect your pets if you do.

Stay safe,


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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Nurse Zeva

Being a big sister is a hard job. Last week DixieLee had a bad belly. She couldn’t eat anything because she would just throw it up. Mom said I had to help by not asking for cookies.

The vet said she should not eat anything for 24 hours! I can’t imagine anything worse than not being able to eat! You could get died if you didn’t eat for 24 hours.

I guess the vet was right. After 24 hours she could eat again and was not sick any more. The bestest part was that she got to eat really yummy stuff like boiled chicken and scrambled eggs. I got to have some too as a reward for being so helpful.

You would think that once she got to eat again everything would be good. Instead of being happy about getting kibble and cookies, she started stealing paper towels off of the counter and paper signs from Mom’s desk. She would rip them and chew them and swallow them.

Mom was not happy. When DixieLee first came to live with us, she would try to eat stuff from the trash and she really like paper towels. Paper towels are NOT good for dogs. They can get caught in the tummy and you can get a blockage. Not sure what that is but it can make you have to get an operation or even get died.

Mom and Dad had to buy lots of different trash cans before they found one she could not get into. DixieLee is very smart. She can’t get into the trash any more so she found different places to get paper.

I understand how she feels. She told me that before she came to live with us, she didn’t have a Mom or Dad to give her food so she had to find her own. There were some days when she didn’t get much so when Mom wouldn’t give her food for a day, she thought she had to get her own again.

Some dogs eat paper and other stuff they shouldn’t because they are hungry. I explained to Dixie that she didn’t have to worry. I saw a big new bag of dog food in the back room so we would have plenty of food forever.

Being hungry isn’t the only reason dogs eat paper. Way long ago, before there was food like kibble that is easy to eat, dogs had to rip and tear their food so that they could eat it. Even though we are now have easy to eat food our ancestor memories can make us like to rip and tear.

Now that DixieLee is eating regular food at regular times again I hope she will not eat paper. Aside from being bad for her, it makes Mom unhappy and I don’t like it when Mom is not happy.

Do you eat paper or other things you shouldn’t?



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