Sunday, February 10, 2019

Off To Work I Go

Supervising dog food delivery
This week we honored sled dogs.  These are hard working dogs that live in places like Alaska.  Alaska is a really, really big place and there are lots of places where there are no roads.  Sled dogs help peoples get food and fuel from one place to another.

Although it is super cold and it can be miles and miles between places, sled dogs love running and pulling sleds.  Their peoples know that they are super important so they get treated really, really well
There are all kinds of dogs that work hard for peoples.  Some do dangerous work like those who look for bombs or drugs or help police get bad guys.  These dogs have lots of training.

There are other dogs that work hard helping their companions lives better.  We think every dog makes our families better but the dogs I am talking about have special jobs.

Like Service Dogs.  Service Dogs are trained to help peoples who have disabilities.  People who can’t see or hear, have mental problems, or have sicknesses like seizures or diabetes.  Service dogs help make these peoples’ lives easier by helping a person who can’t see walk outside or one who can’t hear know when the phone is ringing.

Another helping dog is the Companion Dog.  Their job is to be the bestest friends to their peoples.  Companion Dogs are sort of like Emotional Support animals.  I say animals because cats make good Emotional Support animals too.

Emotional Support animals help people who have emotional or mental health issues.

Then there are Therapy Dogs.  Therapy Dogs are trained to give comfort and love to peoples who are in hospitals, nursing homes, hospices or who lived through a disaster like fire or flood.  They also visit schools and libraries where childrens go.

So, even though we all give love and comfort and help our families, there are dogs have these special talents and we give a big paws up to them.

Keep sharing love wherever you go,


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